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Below you will find links to some woodland and woodland related organisations and resources.

National Sites

Regional & Local Sites

Local Timber, Coppice Products and Sustainable Development

Educational Resources & Courses

Organisations and Individuals Offering Training

Recommended Reading


National Sites

Forestry Commission

Woodland Trust

Royal Forestry Society

Small Woods Association

Green Wood Centre

English Nature

The Deer Initiative

The Tree Council

Ancient Tree Forum

Community Woodland Network

The National Hedge Laying Society

Forestry Commission Newsletters

Regional & Local Sites

Hampshire Coppice Craftsmen’s Group

North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

East Hampshire Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Sussex & Surrey Coppice Group

Local Timber, Coppice Products and Sustainable Development



Educational Resources, Courses & Study Centres

Hampshire County Council School Woodlands Project

Hampshire County Council Countryside Service

Woodland Trust

Nature Detectives

Field Studies Council

Forestry Commission

Countryside Education Trust


Offwell Woodland & Wildlife Trust

Organisations and Individuals Offering Training - Search the website for details of training in coppice and related crafts.

WoodLots - training opportunities and course listed in the most recent issue of WoodLots

Recommended Reading

Again this is not a comprehensive list but a selection of useful texts, books and publications with regard the history, ecology and management of woodlands, wood pasture and trees. All the organisations linked to above will have their own resource sections. Some will also lists the publications they have produced and many of these will be available to download online. So if you cant find what your looking for here, please try searching these sites.

Highlighted publications are available to download in PDF format.

Forestry Commission Practice Guides "The Management of Semi-Natural Woodlands"

Guide 1 - Lowland Acid Beech and Oak Woods(2003) ISBN 085 538 5804

Guide 2 - Lowland Beech-Ash woodlands(2003) ISBN 085 538 5812

Guide 3 - Lowland Mixed Broadleaved Woods(2003) ISBN 085 538 5820

Guide 8 - Wet Woodlands(2003) ISBN 085 538 5871

Thatch in Hampshire.  Sustaining a tradition. This document aims to promote interest in and focus discussion on the issues and changing trends that influence our understanding of the character of historic thatched buildings and the contribution they make to the landscape and their locality.  Also it helps people to understand what is valuable in traditional thatching and the issues relating to current thatching practices.

Hazel Coppice past, present and future (1996)

ISBN 185 975 0303 Hampshire County Council

Hampshire's Countryside Heritage 2 'Ancient Woodland' (1995)

ISBN1 85975 046 Hampshire County Council

Restoration of Neglected Hazel Coppice Forestry Commission Practice Note 56 (2004) ISBN 0-85538-622-3

The Silviculture and Management of Coppice Woodlands (2003) ISBN 085 538 5891

Coppiced Woodlands: their Management for Wildlife, 2nd Ed. (1993) ISBN 187 370 1322

Ecology and Management of Coppice Woodlands (1992) ISBN 041 243 1106

Ancient Woodland Its history,vegetation and uses in England (2003) ISBN 1 897604 27 0

Woodlands, a practical handbook (1988) ISBN0 946752 338

The Woodland Trust's Conservation Practice Publications These documents include the Urban Woodland Management series.

PAWS Restoration

Forestry Commission Practice Guide Restoration of Native Woodland on Ancient Woodland Sites (2003) ISBN 0 85538 579 0

Woodland Biodiversity

Hampshire Ancient Semi Natural Woodland Habitat Action Plan

Hampshire Wood Pasture and Parkland Habitat Action Plan

Dormouse Conservation Handbook (1996) ISBN 1 85716 219 6

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