Landscape Planning and Heritage

Woodland Management

Most ancient semi natural woodlands in Hampshire have been managed, in one form or another, since earliest times. The history of management in such woodlands will have often of had a distinct influence on the character of the woodland in terms of its structure, the composition of tree species and their form of growth. An often held misconception is that woodlands are totally natural and that the felling of trees through woodland management is leading to their destruction. This is far from the truth, and most woodlands require appropriate management of one kind or another to maintain many of their characteristics and many of the plants and animals that are dependant on these features.

A wealth of information exists on woodland management. As such we intend only to highlight some key issues and provide an overview to the subject. The Links and Resources section provides a comprehensive guide to sources of advice and information

If you own a woodland in Hampshire and would like more advice or to arrange a site visit, please contact the Ecology Group.

More information on woodland management will appear here shortly