Landscape Planning and Heritage

Charges and Response Times


HBIC reserves the right to charge a licence fee for re-use of data based on the reasonable costs of collection, production and dissemination of data. This is not a charge for the data itself. The fee may be waived for some categories of enquirers, for instance voluntary conservation bodies, local groups, students and members of the public. Please contact us before submitting a request if you are unsure whether charges will apply.

A standard data request covering up to a 2km radius from a supplied grid reference will cost £200 plus VAT. Output will include maps of statutory sites, non-statutory sites and priority habitats, and lists of protected/notable species records.

More complex queries or larger search areas will cost more, and queries covering single species may cost less. The fee may be waived if no relevant data exists within the search area.

Note: A proportion of the income received is redirected to the Hampshire Species Recording Groups in recognition of the valuable data they contribute to HBIC. For some of the rarer, more sensitive species, data requesters will be forwarded to the relevant species group where more detailed information can be obtained.

Response times and estimates of cost

HBIC endeavour to supply all information within 10 working days of receiving a completed Information Request Form and certainly within the timescales imposed by the Environmental Information Regulations. Estimates of the cost to supply data are not normally supplied for information searches likely to take less than two hours to complete, and as such the cost to complete an information request will not exceed £400 plus VAT without prior agreement from the enquirer.

Estimates will automatically be provided for more complex enquiries likely to take more than two hours to complete, and can be provided for other enquiries on request. We aim to provide estimates within 2 working days of receiving a completed Information Request Form, and once confirmation to proceed has been received the data will normally be supplied within 10 working days of this confirmation unless otherwise agreed.

Please note, therefore, that requesting an estimate may result in the delay of supplying the information. If you wish to proceed without an estimate, or you wish to provide a higher limit to the cost of supplying the information, and therefore receive the data at the earliest opportunity, please indicate this on your application.

Please read our data access policy and charging schedule.

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