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Defining a Data Request


HBIC is committed to saving paper by providing all data by e-mail wherever possible and is working to ensure that the file sizes is not a constraint. Maps will be sent as PDF documents and species lists and accompanying information will be sent as Word or PDF documents. GIS Shapefiles can also be provided, an OS Licence may be needed for some products. If necessary, however, HBIC can supply data by post - please indicate your preference on the form.

Within Hampshire?

At present HBIC are only able to provide information for Hampshire. If your search area spans the county boundary you will need to contact the neighbouring local records centre for information, see Map and contact details. There is currently no arrangement for discounts or any data provision across county boundaries.

Search area

A request can be made for any area specified either as:

  • A radius from a defined point supplied as a six figure national grid reference (see OS National Grid References Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 44kb for help) or point marked on a map, or
  • A corridor of a specified width either side of a defined line, or
  • A specific site/area which is well defined on a map or GIS shapefile

Information required

HBIC can provide details of the following within the search area:

  • Statutory and Non-Statutory Sites

  • GIS maps showing the boundaries of statutory and non-statutory sites. Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINCs) within the search area will also be listed in a summary table containing the SINC name, area and details of the relevant SINC criteria.

  • Habitat and Land Use Mapping - GIS maps showing the known distribution of habitat types across Hampshire. Maps can show the UK Priority (Section 41 NERC Act) and Broad habitats within the search area, see UK Priority Habitats Status Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 68kb and UK Priority and Broad Habitats Legend Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 73kb for a list of the habitats and their map symbols.

  • Protected and Notable Species - A list of species that are legally protected or otherwise notable within Hampshire, including species that are listed as in Section 41 of NERC Act or Hampshire priority species; species listed on certain schedules of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981; Red Data Book species; species with county, national or international conservation statuses, and European Protected Species (see Species Legislation and Notable Statuses Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 260kb for more information). Species records will be listed by taxonomic group and scientific name, and will include common names, site locations and grid references, dates of last recorded sightings and the number of known records, summary of any legal protection and conservation statuses.

  • Site Survey Reports - Copies of ecological survey reports for specified sites (where these are available).

Further details of the data held by HBIC and a list of contacts for other sources of information in Hampshire are available from the links below:

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