Landscape Planning and Heritage

How HBIC's Data is Used

The data held by HBIC is used by a wide variety of individuals and organisations.  As well as supporting the work of HBIC’s Partners, which include local authorities, nature conservation bodies and statutory organisations, it is also an important resource used by landowners, consultants, students, local groups and the public to assist with environmental assessment, land management, private research and study.

Some typical uses are:

  • To identify sites which are important for nature conservation e.g. SINCs and to help guide their management
  • To enable local planning authorities to assess the ecological implications of proposed developments and to inform the Local Development Framework (LDF) process
  • To monitor the state of Hampshire's habitats and species in relation to changes in land use, climate etc.
  • To provide a resource for students, local societies and individuals for research, community projects and other activities
  • To encourage and co-ordinate further biological recording in the county