Landscape Planning and Heritage


HBIC is always involved in a wide variety of projects, activities and surveys, and provides a number of services beyond our standard enquiry service. These range from the identification of regional Biodiversity Opportunity Areas (BOAs) to the modelling of potential areas of habitat restoration and re-creation across Hampshire to the development of custom software to aid in habitat data capture.

We are also able to make use of our technical expertise to import, manipulate and analyse biological and spatial data, and are regularly engaged in projects with individuals, recording schemes, partners and organisations to assist them in understanding and presenting data in the most appropriate way.

We can also provide support, training and talks on the role of HBIC and on various aspects of biological recording. This can include software and technical support, help with developing survey or monitoring systems or basic recording advice to recording schemes, voluntary societies and conservation organisations. For help or advice please contact HBIC.

Some of the projects that HBIC have been involved in include:

  • Identifying the location of areas of greatest potential for protecting and enhancing Biodiversity within Hampshire (see BOAs for more details)
  • Identifying areas of potential for opportunity to restore or re-create habitats across Hampshire
  • Development of customised GIS software to aid in the capture and maintenance of habitat and land use data
  • Compiling the 'State of Hampshire's Biodiversity' report on behalf of the Hampshire Biodiversity Partnership.