Landscape Planning and Heritage


HBIC Annual Reports

HBIC produces a yearly report to demonstrate it has provided an efficient and effective biodiversity information service to it's funding partners, it has met the requirements of the service level agreements, and is accountable and transparent for its business and financial performance.

HBIC Business Plans

The latest copy of HBIC's business plan is available below:

Annual Biodiversity Monitoring Reports

Local Planning Authorities are expected to monitor changes in biodiversity in their Local Plan area - as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework. HBIC is able to monitor changes in area of designated sites and habitats by district/borough through the information it holds. HBIC can also provide information on species change across Hampshire through the data it holds and with the assistance of its partner species recoding groups. This information is compiled by HBIC into an annual report which summarises the change in priority habitats, species and designated areas by district/borough across Hampshire. Copies of these reports are available below:

State of Biodiversity

The State of Hampshire's Biodiversity, compiled by HBIC on behalf of the Hampshire Biodiversity Partnership, was published in October 2006. It reviews the changes to Hampshire's habitats and species over the last 10 years, and highlights the issues and opportunities that lie ahead.