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Vascular Plants

The vascular plants include: ferns and their relatives, pines and their relatives, and flowering plants. These are all mounted on herbarium paper and housed in purpose-built herbarium cabinets. As the plants have been pressed, they are unsuitable for display and are used for reference purposes. The vascular plant collection contains about 14,000 specimens, with over 10,000 collected from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Collectors include A W Westrup, R P Bowman, D E Allen, N E G Cruttwell and W A Bromfield.

A W Westrup Herbarium
1,900 sheets
1,035 species (including sub species) Vascular and flowering plants collected in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight and surrounding counties by A W Westrup and others between 1940s and 1960s.

D E Allen Herbarium
325 sheets catalogued
112 species
A collection of brambles (Rubus sp) collected in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight by David E Allen, a national authority on Rubus, between 1970s-2004. There are several new vice county and county records in the collection as well as an Isotype. (Rubus vindomensis D E Allen)
HMCMS: Bi1997.21
HMCMS: Bi2002.22
HMCMS: Bi2002.24

R P Bowman Herbarium
c5,000 sheets, 3971 sheets (catalogued to date)
Vascular and flowering plants collected in Hampshire by Paul Bowman and others between 1950s and 1990s.

Brewis and Davey Herbarium
50 sheets (not catalogued)
Flowering plants from the Blackmoor Estate, Hampshire, collected by Lady Anne Brewis and Simon R Davey, 1970's.

K A Childs Herbarium
683 sheets 489 species
These were collected by K A Childs and others within a 12 mile radius of Alton, Hampshire from c1920s- 1930s. Other collectors include: Stephen A Warner, Mrs W Warner, Braybrooke Marshall and C Langridge
Ref: Childs, K A: 1949: Herbarium List. Curtis Museum (Alton, Hampshire)

P M Hall Herbarium
Approx. 239 sheets 80 species
Herbarium sheets, collected from around Hampshire by Patrick M Hall in the 1930s and 1940s. Some specimens were also collected by E C Wallace and incorporated into the herbarium. Originally housed in the Natural History Museum.
HMCMS: Bi1997.11

E Rothwell Herbarium
Approx. 2000 sheets (not catalogued)
Vascular plants collected from South West Hampshire, South East Dorset area and other parts of the country, including Scotland and the Channel Islands, between 1900-1940s. Originally housed with the Bournemouth Natural Science Society

V M Leather Herbarium
118 sheets
118 species Flowering plants (dicotyledons and monocotyledons) collected on Beacon Hill, Ewshott, Hampshire, vice-county 12, by V M Leather in 1960. All mounted with accompanying dissertation.

N E G Cruttwell Herbarium
Approx. 2000 sheets
HMCMS:BWM1966.1384 (Vascular plants)
Approx. 250 envelopes (Mosses)
106 Plants, collected by Canon NEG Cruttwell from around Britain in the 1930s-1940s. Other collectors who contributed to the herbarium are F Garry (1900s) and JPM Brenan.

H G Sadler Herbarium
128 sheets
A collection of grasses (Poaceae), mainly collected from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight between 1905-1929.

W A Bromfield Herbarium
Approximately 1000 sheets (794 catalogued to date). Vascular plants from the Isle of Wight, Hampshire and elsewhere. Includes specimens listed in Flora Vectensis (1856, London)
See also Allen, D E (1982. Watsonia 14:67)

G Blunden Herbarium
319 sheets. Plants collected by School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, University of Portsmouth

Merret Herbarium
c841 sheets (251 from Hampshire), stored loose leaf in 6 volumes. Flowering plants collected between 1885 and 1913, mainly from the south west counties and Hampshire. There are also a few collected from Oxford, Malvern and Hull.
The herbarium donated in 1953 by Mrs Merret, but the identity of the collector is unknown. HMCMS:CRH1953.35.8-13

Lady Anne Brewis Herbarium
c2000 sheets (507 catalogued to date) Flowering plants collected mainly from the north part of Hampshire between 1960's and late1990's by Lady Anne Brewis and others.

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