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From the middle of the 19th century until the 1930s, it was not uncommon to find a case containing a stuffed bird, animal or even a favourite pet in the home.

Although taxidermy had been around for at least 200 years, it was The Great Exhibition of 1851 that brought it to the attention of the British public This increasing interest in taxidermy, which continued until the early twentieth century, led to numerous 'bird and animal stuffers' setting up in business.

In towns by the major ports, exotic birds and animals were brought into the country in their thousands, while in traditional hunting and fishing areas sportsmen supplied specimens for preparation. In addition to specimens prepared by Hampshire and Isle of Wight taxidermists, Hampshire Museums Service holds examples of work by taxidermists from outside the county.


Use the Taxidermists finder to search from the abridged list of Hampshire and Isle of Wight taxidermists taken from:
Taylor, Christine: 1997: Directory of Hampshire Taxidermists: Hampshire County Council Museums Service.

Mounted specimen of a Swan