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'Nature and Health' benefits

Nature and health leaflet

There is compelling evidence that contact with nature can:

  • maintain good health

  • help recovery from illness

  • alleviate stress and mental health problems

  • improve physical health

  • improve quality of life for older people

  • enhance social interaction and improve community cohesion

  • reduce aggression, violence and crime

  • improve children’s well-being into adulthood

“The NHS can help tackle health inequalities and promote physical and mental well-being by encouraging greater understanding of the value of spending time in the natural environment” Sir Liam Donaldson, Chief Medical Officer

Throughout life, people benefit from contact with nature.  View our leaflet on 'Nature’s role in improving health and well-being'.  

Our Corporate Biodiversity Group examined the links between nature and health and submitted evidence to the County Council’s Commission of Inquiry on Personalisation and the future of adult social care. The evidence shows that nature contributes to physical and mental health, independence and self esteem, and overall quality of life.