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19/03/2013 10:26am

Bob Lloyd

Open plan design has led to so much noise being transmitted around the whole "library". Noise seems to be no longer an issue.

The receptionists are particularly loud sorting out queries and the children are allowed, by their parents to run around in ALL areas and as for allowing mobiles, this surely is unacceptable.

Let the children play in the rooms away from people who do like a bit of peace and quiet.

Basingstoke Discovery Centre replies

The open plan design was in place at Basingstoke Library before the refurbishment in 2010 after at Basingstoke Discovery Centre (the name was changed when we reopened in Nov 2010) & the open plan design remained but the location of certain sections was changed.

The Children's area moved further away from the Information desk & the Quiet study area moved to the far end in the Local History area.

Both the rooms at the Discovery Centre are hired out to many different organizations so are not available for children to play in.

If you require a quiet area when you visit the Discovery Centre do ask one of the staff to show you where the Local History area.



09/01/2013 03:27pm


I am impressed by the fact that we have a library and that it is free! I am not always impressed by the people that choose to visit. Noise in a library never used to be acceptable.

The reason for my making contact is... I miss the letter box and I know I am not alone in this. We used to be able to return books when the library was not open and that was really helpful. Is there a reason for this?

Basingstoke Discovery Centre replies

We did use to have a letterbox for books to be dropped off, but since the building was refurbished and we now have roller shutters which lower automatically when the fire alarm activates, we can no longer allow books to be left through a letter box, as this would obstruct the fire exit.



14/11/2012 08:38am

N Smith

It is a pity customers have to put up with such foul swearing and bad language/manners by certain customers using the computers. It is really very offensive and insulting. They do not care who is within earshot!



04/10/2012 08:02pm

rosemary smith

This afternoon (Thurs 4th Oct.) I attended the talk given by Rosy Hardy and her husband of Hardy's Cottage Garden Plants. They were amusing and entertaining and most importantly very informative about the plants they had brought along. Well done whoever thought of asking the Hardy's to come along to the Discovery Centre, may there be many more such events.



22/08/2012 09:24am

S Burrows

What a super experience. Visiting the library for the first time since it became our discovery center was a delight.

Gone is the stuffy image, remembered by so many. We now have a vibrent , welcoming center. The staff were helpful, showing me how to use the automatic checkout system, which was easy. No more queueing. There are so many extra activities now, for children and adults.

Try it, your visit will be a pleasure.



02/07/2012 05:27pm

P. Smith

I have had to complain about this in the past. Have you any idea of the number of people using their mobiles, continually at the computers and distracting other people, who are trying to concentrate on what they are doing? The noise in the library at times is out of control and yet although, I see the assistants walking about, nothing is ever said to these people. They also sit chatting loudly at the computers for long periods of time. Why can't you put a sign up for them to switch there mobiles off and to be quiet near the computers? It is infuriating and happens every time I come to use the Internet. These people clearly have no consideration for others!

Basingstoke Discovery Centre replies

The computers in the Discovery Centre are available for many different purposes, and whilst visitors are welcome to use their mobile phones we do expect them to do so with some sympathy for those working near them. Should you feel that there is an unreasonable level of noise due to a conversation please let a member of staff know. We will also remind staff to ask unreasonably loud visitors to lower their voices in the Discovery Centre. It may be useful for you to know there is a bank of six computers in the Centre away from the main library area which generally have fewer users during busy periods.



07/06/2012 04:14pm

James Lee

I am so disappointed with the "discovery centre" it's more like a children's playground/creche.

What used to be a nice place to read and study has been totally ruined. The old design was far better with a children's area behind the far wall, away from the main study area. There are fewer places to sit and those plastic round excuses for chairs are a waste of space.

Why not have a separate partitioned off area for them to scream in?

Basingstoke Discovery Centre replies

We are sorry you did not enjoy your recent visit to the Basingstoke Discovery Centre. The Discovery Centre is very much a hub of the local community and welcomes visitors of all ages. We always see an increase in visitors following a Bank Holiday and especially during the school holidays, as many families come to take part in various activities that are on offer to them. Today for example, we celebrated the Royal Jubilee by running a cookie workshop for children, which was a great success.



02/03/2012 08:15am

Ashley Watson

The centre is a great resource and it is a good idea to broaden it's use and appeal.

However, it is still supposed to be a library - can't there be some recognition of that? The childrens groups are really noisy and shouting, with or without 'phone, or eating your smelly McDonalds seems to be the norm. It seems that the basics of a library/study area have been discarded.

Basingstoke Discovery Centre replies

We are sorry you had a bad experience when you visited the Discovery Centre.

If you are being disturbed in the study area - in the Local History area - please let a member of staff know who will deal with the situation accordingly.

Our staff will be able to advise, or you can check on our website or on Facebook, for when Children's events are happening so a visit can be planned for our quieter times.



04/11/2011 04:16pm

Xanda Escuyer

Very welcoming to walk into: feels like a serious place to learn & study without the depressing stuffiness of a morgue!

As a regular (average x4 days a week so far) user I find the WiFi an absolute necessity & works very well.

Only gripes are that there can be a shortage of power sockets at times plus finding a desk that doesn't suffer from lighting or window reflections on screen, can be difficult.

Have to agree also with earlier comments that childrens' groups make too much noise sometimes; even student/adult groups do the same; besides, just when did it become acceptable to have mobile phone conversations in a place of learning/study?

Good idea to have a vending machine but it'd be nice to have a water fountain also.



04/04/2011 08:32pm

Thomas Hearne

I absolutley love the Basingstoke Discovery Centre, i would only step foot in the old library unless i had to, but now it is a nicer environment, anyone who walks in will feel welcomed by the bright colours. The self service terminals are a little slow at peak times, which really can't be fixed, i don't see any problem with the kids corner, sometimes i don't notice that they are in the same room. The computers are easy to access and are dotted around the centre. What i love most about the library now is that you can trace local history back to hundreds f years to go, some people have even tried to trace their local family history. Overall from a scale of 1 to 10, i give the discovery centre a 10.


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