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BuyLine Issue 19 – May 2015


CBC - a Commercial Procurement Alliance
CBC, like many other large bodies, periodically needs to review its purpose and image. Its role as a progressive procurement enabler to a widening public sector customer base is growing, and so also is its scope and relationship with suppliers. Consequently, the Management Committee has redefined our strapline from ‘CBC National Voice – Local choice’ to ‘CBC – a Commercial Procurement Alliance’.

We can make this refinement to our identity visible, by introducing the following new CBC logotype:

CBC logo

The Communications Group will be sending out some guidance to CBC staff, the media, professional bodies and suppliers about our corporate style. In the mean time, CBC staff can use this new logo on reports, minutes and agenda, and a copy of it is available by e-mailing a request to: cbc-staff@hants.gov.uk.  

Procurex 2015

CBC was represented at Procurex

South 2015 at Olympia in March

and this picture shows how

our new logotype appeared.


An Exchange for Ideas, Queries and Comments
Since November 2014 we have launched seven web groups on the Yammer platform for CBC. The launch of each Yammer group was notified to known members of the respective CBC Category or Support Group.

Yammer’s communication platform provides a discrete new discussion forum for each CBC group. It can be usedfor posting questions, answers, useful facts, thoughts, suggestions, and discussion points. This is something of an experiment - so please share your immediate reactions! (To: cbc-staff@hants.gov.uk.).

In particular, the Energy and Transport Yammer Groups have communicated with some enthusiasm, but we are keen that all groups are aware of the practical advantages of using this facility. The initiative has been endorsed by the CBC Management Committee and is being set up for groups by CBC Communications colleagues. So far the following groups have been launched:

   Category Groups
       Social Values

   Support Groups

Please contact CBC Communications (cbc-staff@hants.gov.uk) if your group has yet to be set up.


EU REGULATIONS 2015 – CBC Workshops

Professionalism in Contracting
CBC’s procurement specialists should be well placed to operate according to the newly issued EU Procurement Regulations. This is because 174 of our procurement staff have benefited from one-day workshops recently delivered by procurement law expert, David Gollancz.  Due to the high level of interest in this training opportunity, it was necessary to mount it at the premises of member-authorities in Dunstable, Maidstone and Winchester.  The training will enable the development of practical tools to monitor and manage procurement savings, and will of course ensure legal compliance in CBC’s framework agreements.

David Gollancz, is a leading barrister specializing in EU public procurement legislation, and these workshops were part of a CBC funded programme open to procurement and legal colleagues from CBC Members.  The full set of David’s PowerPoint slides supporting the presentations is available on the CBC website (www.hants.gov.uk/cbc in the members’ secure area) for reading or download.

The following CCS web site may also be of interest to CBC staff; www.gov.uk/transposing-eu-procurement-directives. It provides links to various documents including the Regulations and details of Lord Young’s reforms.

Chairman Endorses Training as a Priority
CBC Chairman, Paul White, has reported to the CBC Management Committee that “We are rightly proud of our procurement staff operating to the highest standards in public sector procurement, and see CBC arranging for this sort of professional training as one of the key methods to retain this reputation”.

David Gollancz
David specialises in all aspects of the law relating to public/private transactions and is widely recognised as a leading public procurement lawyer, with expertise in state aid, employment, and commercial law. He also has a significant public law practice, with a particular focus on the interface between public law and commercial matters.

Appointed to the Attorney General’s Panel of Counsel in 2014, David Gollancz specialises in all aspects of the law relating to public/private transactions. He is widely recognised as a leading public procurement lawyer, with expertise in state aid, employment, pensions and commercial law. He also has a significant public law practice, particularly in the interface of commercial and public law and in connection with the status and powers of non-departmental public bodies, and an in-depth understanding of the working of public sector authorities.

David is a founder and former chair of Public/Private Procurement Forum, and an active member of the Procurement Lawyers Association, currently member of working group on framework agreements.

David Gollancz

Training and Networking

Some views of the training sessions
held in Winchester, at the offices of
Hampshire County Council

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007LR 010LR  


Procurement vacancies in the public sector are being announced on a new page created within the secure Staff Pages of the CBC website at www.hants.gov.uk/cbc.

To let you know about job vacancies we have created new space in the secure Staff Pages area of the CBC Website. Please go to www.hants.gov.uk/cbc, and then into ‘Recruitment’ in the staff pages secure area.

Job opportunities are important, so here is a note to ourselves -

    CBC Staff: please refer to these pages to find details of notified vacancies and information about application processes.

    CBC Management Committee: (1) please ask your HR colleagues to make this information available for release on the CBC website;
    (2) please ask contacts you have at non-CBC public sector procurement organisations for any news of procurement vacancies.