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28/08/2012 01:59pm

Lauren Boys

I came to Calshot with Air Cadets for the competiton, and it was genuinely the best weekend I've had! Our instructor was really friendly and encouraging and all the activities we did were so much fun, but I especially enjoyed the track cycling and I might be looking in to getting some lessons because I enjoyed it so much. Thank you for everything!



28/08/2012 01:55pm

Ben Hudson

I spent 5 days at calshot and it was great I did the saling with Jenny as the instructer and she was amazing I made loads of friends I will try and come back for a week to do a adventure plus as you can do a lot more thank you bye



06/08/2012 04:13pm

Amy Sedgman

I thought that all the Staff were very nice. They teached very well and had good relationships with each other and the people doing the courses.



06/08/2012 06:02am

Aaron Mason

Calshot Activity Centre is amazing. one day you do sailing in the cold sea. Then you do snowboarding and archery, i had an amazing time and will come back



02/08/2012 07:07am

sioux allen

I came to calshot with a group of scouts last week and has a fabulous day, the weather being stunning helped our enjoyment, even if it meant we had to paddle rather than sail, but the kayaking was the best fun. The three guys who looked after our group were fabulous, Dan, in particular was very enthusiastic and encouraging and enhanced my enjoyment of the day no end! Many thanks Calshot for a great time



31/07/2012 02:52pm

connor andrews

I visites calshot with school a few weeks ago and has a brilliant time all the staff ser realy friendly and help full the facilities are amazing and I can't wait to visit again



02/07/2012 07:20am

Georgia Stannard

Calshot is an amazing adventure for adults and children! Terry (one of the activity leaders) is an absolutely amazing influence! he is always there and helps you and never rushes you to do things! There are many activities to do such as: skiing, windsurfing,abseiling, rock climbing,track cycling and many more. All of the sports are either in the sea,river or one of the three hangars. The track cycle velodrome is only one of 4 in the country with the highest level at a 45 degree angle! harder than the Olympic Velodrome, but once your on it you find it as easy as pie! The Calshot Velodrome is used by Olympic atheletes! the food is delicious thanks to the very helpful dinner staf who give you 3 meals a day! also the accomodation is lovely with either a river view or a sea view! I totally recommend Calshot to anyone wanting to come! Terry you were great, thankyou!



21/06/2012 12:09pm

Jack L

Wednesday night freestyle is fantastic for all levels of freestyle snowboarding, such good fun with a really friendly atmosphere. As a regular rider there have been some real improvements lately and slope supervisor Terry is super enthusiastic and is a great asset to the slope.



16/06/2012 01:28pm


Thanks for a amazing week with court moor school. I had so much fun. I love the watersports the best. Me and my friend are come for my birthday for 2 or 3 days and I got that all star thing to come in the summer can not wait.



25/05/2012 06:32am

Mat Dibb

Last night I did the velodrome "taster" session with my cycling buddies at Calshott Velodrome.

I really couldn't recommend this highly enough and we had a fantastic evening. The pace of tuition was perfect; slowly building our confidence until we all easily achieved what we had previously feared... the high wall..

A fabulous venue, great atmosphere, well organised, lovely people and I'd like to pass on a personal thank you to Malcolm our coach who was just terrific.

I have already put my request in for our next session and can't wait!


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