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10/11/2011 06:17am

Michelle Elcombe

My son recently attended a No Limits day at Calshot with his carer as he suffers from autism. He had the most fantastic time, the staff werevery patient and encouraging and the activities were pitched at the right level. He even tried out the big swing which I would never dream he would have the cofidence to do. I think these days are great value and have already booked my son in for 5 more half days over the next few months



03/11/2011 05:23pm


absoloutly amazing. i went for a school trip with my friend and it was such a laugh. all the activities were absoloutly amazing and i had such a fab time.  



14/08/2011 12:14pm

Mark Rhone

Having just completed Trackstart course with my 12 year old son, Louis, all as I can say is WOW!!! Both being road riders riding on a track was an unbelievable experience. I would like to thank Adam (instructor)for making the course fun and educational at the same time. We shall be back to ride the track. Once again thanks for a great morning.



14/08/2011 11:44am

Pip Taylor

I thought my week at Calshot was amazing.Thought it was a great way to meet new people and the instructors were fantastic especially Jamie, Jerry(Russell) and Terry .... really want to come back next year.The range of activities were fantastic and i found new skills which i really love and enjoy. I loved how our very own instructor was allowed to come with us to Portland and on the Rib. It made the atmosphere so much better. The house staff were amazing and sorted out any problems we had they were really good with us kids and were a lot of fun (Ant Julie and Mariusz)i didn't like how our TVs kept turning off at a set time i would have preferred it to go off when the film finished .. not in the middle of the film. The food was mainly chips, now i hate them because i had so many. I would have preferred a better range of sides to go with the meals but the meals were very good non-the less. Throughout my week i enjoyed every day more and more and really thought it was a dream .. so many sports and such a range to do it was absolutely fantastic and it was the best experience of my life, so far!!!



13/08/2011 02:21pm

Rhodri Mayer

I went to calshot in 2010 with oak lodge school and it was a magnificent expierience. It had loads of fun based activities that were challenging plus great accomodation. I especially enjoyed hanging out socialy with my school mates outside of school which is something I don't do very much. My instructer's name was Sarah and throughout the week she helped me cope with activities that were extremely difficult. It was a fun filled expierience and hopefully I'll be going back again this year. You'll love it.



15/07/2011 03:13pm

Emma Etheredge

I have just got back from a trip to Calshot. It was amazing, one of the best experiences i have ever had. All of the activities I did were great fun. Thanks to our great instructor Cahal for helping us get the best experience we could. Thanks to everyone who put the effort into getting us to go on this trip.



13/07/2011 05:26pm

Lisa mae simmons

I've recently got back from a week at calshot and it's amazing i'm an SSA at a special needs school in west sussex and the young people and staff loved it!! I recommend this to everyone I'm a right girly girl but had a go at everything! The activities were amazing and so was the instructor well done Adam, thanks for a lovely residential



13/07/2011 05:15pm

tegan davies

love this place, came on a school trip ages ago with portchester community school and loved it :) everything was great from the activities, to the rooms to the food and i just want to come back again and again!



10/07/2011 10:42am

Katelyn Lewis, Poulner Junior School

Calshot is IMMENSE!! I went with my school (Poulner Junior School)from june 27th until 1st July, and i had the time of my life!! We did: skiing,ski bobbing, ringoing, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, rock climbing, abseiling, archery, low ropes and an initiative course.I loved the skiing as it was a new experience, and the abseiling was so cool, as i love heights! The experience of room inspections was great, I loved Calshot, in case they check this, I'd like to say Thank you to my amazing instructor LISA!! Thanks also to Miss Smith, Miss Marshall Mrs white, Charlotte Sarah and Ros (instructors) for helping me with challenges, I'll definitely be coming back!!



03/07/2011 04:13pm

Lucie Hynes

A fascinating experience. On my residential trip to Calshot, June 2011, I learnt more in a week than in any other week before in my life. Calshot Activities Centre - something worth talking about.  


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