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12/04/2012 11:16am

Khush Jabble

came to Calshot VeloDrome 2 weeks ago and did a 2 day sprinters course. All I can say is WOW - what a great track and what a great facility. Everything was brilliantly organised and the quality of the staff and the food was excellent. Cannot wait to come back :-)



20/03/2012 11:58am

Mick Cummings

just completed the slipstream class on the indoor track. Well worth it. Thanks to malcolm, for an informative and friendly introduction to track cycling leaving me with the desire for more. well done and thanks again.



01/03/2012 05:42am


I have gone to Calshot twice now, with my school. It was amazing and I really enjoyed it. I have to say it was an amazing experience, and my Calshot Helpers were so kind. One year I had mark and Julie and the second I had Julie and hannah, they were SO kind!!!! I am going again for my friends birthday xx



27/02/2012 03:21pm

Rob Jarvis

I chose the Beginner's Course in Rockclimbing over two evenings. I felt two evenings separated by a week would help me decide whether or not I would like climbing.

When first entering the centre, seeing the high walls and all the young people clambering up can be a bit intimidating as a beginner at 41. However, our instructor, Sarah, made me feel relaxed and gave me confidence. The course is a great way to find out if you like it or not and I would recommend it.

Also, it's true that it does get very cold in there during the winter months!



27/02/2012 09:16am


When I Went To Calshot With My Old School It Was Amazing And I Really Want To Go Back. The Accommadation Was Good And The Food Was Really Tasty. I Loved The Ski Slope And The Absailing, I Think I Should Come More Often. Grange Junior School, Year 6



24/02/2012 05:36am

joe richardson

it is good at calshot with lots to do and its all about fun



12/02/2012 05:48am

Emma Payne

Hi, I went to Calshot with my school (Knightwood Primary School). All of year six went together. My instructors were Ant and Ste (Antony and Stewart). They were AMAZING!!!!! I really liked their life changing phrases...... I really Really REALLY enjoyed my time at Calshot....It was the best week of my life! Skiing was SOOOOOO fun because I've never done it before and I managed to go from the top (thanks to Ant and Ste). there are pictures of me on my school website! AHHHH! MASSIVE thanks to Ant and Ste for making my week so brilliant.....and everyone else who helped out. By the way I like your hot chocolates!!! GO CALSHOT!! I hope to go back again soon, even if it is just to see Ant and Ste!!



04/02/2012 02:59pm


hi my name is Holley and i come from valley road school my class year 6 came to calshot and i was one of our best trips in our school i really wish we can do that residential trip to calshot again because it was that fun and because calshot it opposite the isle of white i was basically staying opposite my family's friend. and i hope you come to calshot because it is so fun!



04/02/2012 03:04pm

Rheia Lawson

Me and my class are going to Calshot on the 6th for a week, (I go to Knightwood Primary school) and I can't wait! I've watched all the videos, got all the brochures, just for next week! I really wanna go now.



29/01/2012 07:07pm

charlie anderson

I attended the track cycling stage one course and would like to thank our instructor Jamie for making it such an enjoyable experience. For all those out there who have an interest in cycling and are not sure about trying the track I can thoroughly recommend it. l left have had an extremely enjoyable experience and wanting to do more.  


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