Calshot Activities Centre

Climbing membership

Membership of the climbing wall costs just £5 per year and entitles you to discounted members' entry fees. Members also receive a 15% discount at Cotswold in Hedge End.

Adult Membership of the climbing wall is open to anyone aged 18 and over who can satisfactorily demonstrate the basic skills needed to climb safely:

  • Putting on a harness
  • Tying in to the rope using a recognised climbing knot
  • Belaying another climber up and lowering them down safely

16 and 17 year olds wishing to become members should refer to the Under 18’s tab.

If you would like to learn these skills to become a member, book on our Beginners' course.  

If it's a while since you've done these, book on our refresher course.

To become a member you should read the climbing wall conditions of use & rules, then fill in the membership registration form

The completed form should be presented to the reception on arrival at the wall. There is no need to book, just turn up with payment for the annual membership fee and members entrance fee. (See box on right above for fees & opening times)

You will then be asked to demonstrate the above skills and asked a couple of questions regarding the conditions of use, rules and supervising novice climbers.

We are looking for you to demonstrate the necessary skills safely, using current best practice.

The assessor will then award you with one of two levels of membership or recommend a course of action if they feel you are not currently ready for membership.

The two possible levels of membership are:

Full member

This allows you full access to our climbing facilities plus you can sign in up to two guests (novices or under 18's). You will be taking full responsibility for the supervision of your guests and you and they will have to complete the guest signing in form . See Guests & Visitors tab for more information

Individual (non supervisory) member

This allows you full access to our climbing facilities but you will not be able to bring any guests in to the wall. This is the likely outcome if you are a little rusty or have limited experience.

Individual membership is normally given to climbers relatively new to the sport i.e. those having only climbed on about 12 occasions or less and more experienced climbers who have not climbed at all in the last couple of years or are not using current best practice when demonstrating their skills.

NB Individual members can sign in family members during our Family Climbing Sessions

Individual members can upgrade to full membership free of charge at any time (subject to experience and ability) by undergoing a further membership assessment.

All membership assessments should be done on arrival at the wall as part of the first climb of the session.


New Membership Scheme

Monthly Membership
(30 days unlimited visits)

Adults £50

Adult Concessionaries £45

Under 18's £35

Monthly Direct Debit Membership
(minimum term 6 months)

£35 per month