Calshot Activities Centre

Track Cycling at Calshot Velodrome

Calshot has the only indoor banked velodrome in the South of England. This national standard track was built in 1997 and can be used by a wide range of cyclists from novices to international standard. As long as you can ride a bike you can have a go under the watchful eye of a coach.

Cycling on Calshot velodrome couldn’t be easier. We offer four levels of progression, from the ‘have a go’ first timer, through to confident track rider.

Fitness requirements

Our courses are rated in terms of fitness demand to help you decide if they are right for you

Low: A person who enjoys an active lifestyle
Medium: These people will participate regularly in aerobic activities such as cycling, swimming, running etc
High: These people will participate in aerobic activities (see above) at least twice per week
Very High: Cyclists capable of riding at moderate speeds (18mph>)for prolonged periods (15 minutes>) on the track

Four Stages - you choose how many you do!

Stage One – TrackStart

For adults and children 12 years and upwards

Excellent fun for people wanting to try the track. All abilities are catered for, you just need to be able to ride a bike. You will progress at a pace suitable to the group, allowing you to learn the basics and get a real buzz from riding the track. We supply bikes, helmets and first rate coaching.

Recommended Fitness Requirement: Low

Course prices: £28 Adults, £23 Children (12 years upwards)

From 1 April 2015 £28 for both Adults and Children

Date Time Code
24 August 2015 1900 - 2030 TS 25
12 September 2015 0900 - 1030 TS 26
21 September 2015 1900 - 2030 TS 27
2 October 2015 1900 - 2030 TS 28
9 October 2015 1900 - 2030 TS 29
19 October 2015 1900 - 2030 TS 30
6 November 2015 1900 - 2030 TS 31
20 November 2015 1900 - 2030 TS 32
21 November 2015 0900 - 1030 TS 33

Course content


These 90 minute sessions are designed to give riders an experience involving ‘fixed-wheel’ track bikes, riding at various height levels on the track.


Progression is paced according to the group’s ability as a whole, rather than at higher individual ability. The session is concerned with acquiring skills and knowledge to enable the rider to ride safely at Calshot Track. Though some riders may be a little challenged, do not expect a training session!


Typically the sessions may include

  • Allocation and sizing a bike to fit the rider
  • Short discussion on the characteristics of a track bike
  • Basic braking drill on a flat surface inside the track
  • Intermediate & Advanced braking drills on the green inner track
  • Cornering drills on the ‘Cote d’Azur (pale blue band)
  • Riding on the track between the black & red lines at the bottom of the track, progressing
  • Riding at higher points on the track
  • De-brief, including an outline of further track riding options


We supply track bikes, shoes and helmets. Customers are advised to bring their own helmets to save time adjusting the centre helmets to fit. Our bikes are equipped with Look Keo2 pedals. Those riders who use the same pedals may prefer to use their own shoes. We suggest that long-sleeved tops and trousers/cycle tights are worn whilst track cycling.

Please note that we do not permit riders to use their own pedals


Stages 1 & 2 SLIPSTREAM

For riders in a hurry! Fast-track your way from track novice to GAS, as we progress from basic skills such as braking and steering, through riding closer together, to team pursuit drills.

SLIPSTREAM has a strong focus on skill development and track etiquette to progress riders and build confidence.  Riders will be assessed throughout the course.

Please note!
Progress from Slipstream to GAS is dependant on the skill levels reached by individual riders and therefore cannot be guaranteed

Recommended Fitness Requirement: Medium

Evening Sessions (2 x 2 hours)

Course prices £50.00 Adults and Children (12 years upwards)

Date Time Code
16, 23 September 2015     1900 - 2100 SS 6
7, 14 October 2015 1900 - 2100 SS 7
11, 18 November 2015 1900 - 2100 SS 8

Weekend Sessions (4 hours)

Course price £55.00 Adults and Children (12 years upward)

Date Time Code
22 August 2015 0900 - 1300 SSD 16
20 September 2015 0900 - 1300 SSD 17
10 October 2015 0900 - 1300 SSD 17A
17 November 2015 0900 - 1300 SSD 18

Let's go Group Riding

For those cyclists who have had a TrackStart session in the last 12 months and want to try the next exciting step of riding the track with others. The sessions develop bike-handling and cornering skills before moving on to team pursuit-type drills. The aim is to bring riders up to the level required for the GAS sessions.

Please note! Progress from Group Riding to GAS is dependant on the skill levels reached by individual riders and therefore cannot be guaranteed

Recommended Fitness Requirement: Medium

£48 Adults £37 Children (Min age 12)

From 1 April 2015 £45 for both Adults and Children

Date Time Code
24 October 2015 0930 - 1230 GR 12
14 November 2015 0930 - 1230 GR 13

Stage Three - GAS

For graduates of SLIPSTREAM and Group Riding, who have attended the Calshot track in the last six months.

This session will develop group riding abilities and include sprinting techniques and drills for riding safely and effectively at higher speeds. Riders will be assessed throughout the course.

Please note that progression to the next level is not guaranteed.

Recommended Fitness Requirement: Medium/High

Thursdays or Saturdays

£26 including equipment hire. Minimum age 16 years

From 1 April £19 per session - Bike hire £5 per session

Date Time Code
24 September 2015 1900 - 2100 GAS 8
8 October 2015 1900 - 2100 GAS 9
15 October 2015 1900 - 2100 GAS 10
21 November 2015 1900 - 2100 GAS 11

GAS Plus

GAS Plus brings together the elements learned in Stages 2 and 3. Skill development exercises added to endurance and sprint drills of a more complex nature will work on rider competence and may challenge fitness levels.

Riders should have completed a GAS session in the past three months. Riders can repeat this course as many times as they wish.

Recommended Fitness Requirement: High/Very High

£45 - Bike hire £5.00 per session

Thursdays (minimum age 16 years)

Date Time Code
22, 29, October, 5 November 2015 1900 - 2100 GP 5
12, 19, 26 November 2015 1900 - 2100 GP 6
Fast track your performance via private tuition1 person
  • 45 minutes £50
  • 1.5 hrs £80
  • 3 hrs £150
  • 6 hrs £260 (includes lunch)
Second person is 50% extra, for 3 or more enquire about our group rates

Rider Assessments

Our experience has shown that it is beneficial to the safety of riders and for the general flow of the sessions, to try and ensure that riders are booked onto the session appropriate to their ability and fitness levels.

Riders progressing through the ‘Tour de Calshot’ programme are continually assessed by the coaches and can seek advice from those coaches regarding these sessions.

Riders wanting to ride Stage 4 who have not been through the ‘Tour’ system will need to speak to a Calshot coach for guidance

Group Bookings and Club Training

The velodrome is available for hire to groups and clubs during evenings and weekends. You may bring a cycle coach or arrange for one of ours.

Club Equipment Hire Charges

Bike hire (adult other) £11
Bike hire (under 18) £8.20
Track shoe hire £3.90
Cycling on the indoor track at Calshot