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Shining a light on savings at the Great Hall, Winchester

By challenging the design every time an old system is replaced, engineers at Hampshire County Council are making significant savings in energy costs and CO2 emissions – and not just in schools.

At the Great Hall in Winchester, an investigation of the lighting system has led to improved safety, better visibility of the acclaimed roof architecture – and energy savings that will pay for the improvements in less than a year. Engineer Terry Marshall explains:

“The roof area of the Great Hall was over-lit, and the glare from the old lights obscured details of the roof structure. This was causing some complaints from visitors trying to take photographs. Our historical architects were also dissatisfied with the impact on the room and its historical context.

“The heat being generated by the old lamps was also a concern. On inspection we found that the outdated lights were causing a fire risk because some of the cabling was becoming heat-damaged. We decided to review the lighting system completely so that it would be safer, more energy efficient, and more sympathetic to the historically important architecture.

“After considering several options, we chose linear energy efficient luminaires. These give a softer light for visitors, and significantly reduce energy consumption. They also last longer than the old lights, which needed new lamps twice per year. When we consider the cost of hiring access equipment twice for re-lamping and the reduction in energy costs, the new lights pay for themselves in less than one year.

“The annual energy saving alone equates to a cost  saving of ?2,641, at the most conservative estimate – not taking into account the increasing use of  the Great Hall for evening events. Although this is only a relatively small project, it demonstrates that by challenging the existing light installations, it is possible to make significant savings in energy costs and CO2.”

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