Hampshire County Council Catering Services (HC3S)

Catering Support

HC3S will work with your school to provide a complete, all encompassing meals service, including:

  • a fully managed meal service that complies with current food in schools legislation

  • equipment support – all catering equipment will be serviced, repaired or replaced as necessary at no extra cost

  • new menu at Easter and October each year

  • food from approved suppliers with traceable origins

  • a safe environment including food testing carried out by Hampshire Scientific Services

  • medically required special diets for pupils

  • liaison with Environmental Health Officers and dealing with EHO reports relating to school meals

  • online access for parents/guardians to carry out their own individual Free School Meal eligibility checks

  • support, help and advice for free school meal eligibility enquiries and online system issues

  • registering each school as a food premises to meet current legislation

  • dealing with pest/vermin issues in the kitchen and organising pest control organisations to sort out on behalf of the school.

In addition, free of charge, HC3S offers:

  • Healthy Eating Days or presentations

  • Ready, Steady, Cook (encouraging pupils to cook)

  • attendance at parent’s evenings/afternoons

  • taster sessions for parents and pupils.

Charged at cost only:

  • hospitality, inset day/training and event catering

  • Cook & Eat – parent and pupil cooking sessions

  • breakfast provision

  • reduced price meals for school staff eating in the dining room with the pupils

  • after school clubs.

For more information please phone either Sharon Slade on 023 8062 7703 or Suzanne Martin on 023 8062 7738, alternatively please email, HC3S.Support@hants.gov.uk.