Secondary School Cashless Card Catering Systems

HC3S has cashless catering systems in most of its secondary schools.

These computer systems replace the need for students to carry cash around each day to pay for their meals and snacks. The systems also provide anonymity for students entitled to free meals - no more registers identifying students as 'different' in order to get their lunch.

How do the systems work?

Individual accounts are set up on the catering system for each student and school staff member.

A biometric scan of the finger is then taken.  Often wrongly thought of as a 'fingerprint', the scan converts the image of the finger into a biometric logarithm and then deletes the image.  At each till point, and any cash revaluers, the pupil simply places the correct  finger on the scanner to bring up their account.

From 2013, Parental Consent is required before biometric registration can be taken.  If consent if not given, then a card is issued which works in exactly the same way.

Parents/carers then credit these accounts by sending in cheques, (cash is accepted at some schools) and the amount is credited to the appropriate account.  Some schools have also introduced the ability to credit their child's account through secure internet payments.  You will be given the option to set daily spend limits, ensuring the money credited to an account cannot be spent faster than you have planned for.

Students will then be able to use the catering facilities as normal - select the items they wish to purchase and take them to the till. the till readout will show the student the balance of their account, and the value of the current purchases.

For students who are entitled to free meals, the system allows them to purchase a meal in exactly the same way as every other student.  The standard meal cost will be added to the free meal student's account each day to ensure they are abel to spend that amount at lunchtime.  This ensures that free school meal students now have complete anonymity.  These students can also top up the money available on their account by paying in cheques or cash for purchase of items at break time for example.

What are the benefits?

For Parents

For Students

For more information on cashless card catering systems in HC3S secondary schools, please contact Linda Kennedy on 023 8062 7724.