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Central Buying Consortium

Central Buying Consortium (CBC)

The Central Buying Consortium (CBC), which was formed in 1991, is the largest local authority purchasing group in the UK. CBC member authorities have a combined revenue purchasing spend of over £5 Billion.

It is operated by 18 local government authorities which include some of the largest authorities in the Midlands, South and South East of England, outside of London.

CBC 2014 Map

CBC's Vision

CBC seeks to:

  • provide practical procurement support to public sector customers who must optimise the efficiency of their services with their reducing budgets.

  • enable procurement arrangements that require minimal administration for those who use them.

  • offer contracts that ensure full compliance with the requirements of contract law and EU regulations.

  • offer contracts that are backed by environmental and ethical sourcing criteria.

  • manage all contracts and their associated frameworks with continuing monitoring and supplier liaison

  • maintain easy channels of communication and consultation between customers, CBC members and suppliers.

How CBC operates

CBC is a non-profit making body that develops competitive purchasing arrangements for selected services and products that are required by member local authorities and associated public sector organisations. Such arrangements enable them to make substantial savings and efficiency improvements.

CBC is also a network for its member-authorities to learn about and explore opportunities for innovation, improvements, and changes which effect local government procurement.  This includes such issues as procurement law, the supply market, government policy and social and environmental matters. Here are links to the procurement services operated by each CBC member:

Central Bedfordshire         KentPortsmouth
DorsetMilton Keynes               Suffolk
EssexNorthamptonWest Sussex

More information about CBC and its benefits

For the CBC portfolio of current contracts see the CBC Contracts Register.