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Central Buying Consortium

How CBC operates

CBC's Management Committee

CBC is managed by a Management Committee comprised of the most senior professional from each member-authority. See the CBC Management Committee for details of the representatives that are planning and guiding the CBC.

CBC's Constitution

CBC operates to an agreed constitution. View the CBC Constitution for details that govern the operation of the Central Buying Consortium.

Operating Structure

Supporting the Management Committee are three groupings, the Pipeline Group, Professional Leadership Groups, and Learning & Networks Groups.


Pipeline Group

This Group consists of at least one representative from each Member authority.

The responsibilities of this group are to:

  • review progress on existing contracts,

  • agree the renewal of contracts nearing termination,

  • consider new contracting opportunities,

  • agree which authority will lead new contracts,  

  • agree a Lead Buyer for each contract,

  • maintain the contract database.  

Lead Buyer

The lead buyer of each individual contract is responsible for collating group requirements, and initiating any meetings they considered appropriate

Members only participate in those initiatives which are of value to them, and as such contracts are a coalition of the willing.

The Lead Buyer is the person best able to field general enquiries from customers and suppliers in relation to their specific contract.

To see what contracts are available go to CBC Contract Register

Professional Leadership

The principle Professional Leadership Groups are currently:

  • Library,

  • IT

  • Energy.

These groups come together as and when required to share information, provide professional leadership and any interface into national groupings. Such groups may include professional representatives in addition those from the procurement field. As such contracts may be let by others, or initiated through the Pipeline Group.

Learning & Networks Groups

The principle Learning Groups are currently:

  • Contract Management

  • Social Values

  • Health & Social Care

These groups come together as and when required to share information, learn what others are doing and what is best practice. Such groups may include non CBC member participants.

Eliminating Operational Costs

CBC is operated by the staff of the authorities that make up its membership and therefore it has no overheads. There is no central warehouse or team of people.