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Child Safety Week  24-30 June

Picture of boy in car seat

In support of Child Safety Week (24-30th June) Hampshire County Council is highlighting the dangers of buying a second hand car seat.

Buying second-hand can save you money, but some items are simply not a bargain if they put your child's safety at risk. Why second hand isn't good when it comes to car seats?

  • You can not be sure of its history, it may have damage that isn't visible to the naked eye and the car seat could fail in a crash, putting your child at risk of serious injury

  • Often older car seats have suffered more wear and tear and might not be designed to current safety standards

  • Often the instructions are missing, which makes it harder to be sure its fitted correctly

  • New car seats don't need to cost the earth - prices can range considerably to suit all budgets but they all meet the same current safety standards

If you need to use a second-hand seat, only accept one from a family member or friend and then only if you are absolutely certain that you know its history, it comes with the original instructions, it isn't too old and fits your vehicle properly.

Visit the road safety website for more information and top car seat safety tips or call 01962 846100