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Best Practice: Using evidence to improve outcomes for children and families

Best Practice: How to use evidence to improve outcomes for children and families

Finding the research or information you want

1 HEPS Research & Evaluation Unit

The unit has access to the academic research facilities at Southampton University and is able to undertake formal literature reviews and analysis. The unit is self-funding and therefore work needs to be undertaken on a commissioned basis. The cost would essentially be a function of the time required. The unit would be willing to offer advice to those undertaking their own literature reviews or submitting research proposals.–

2 Useful websites

The Internet provides access to a myriad of websites. The problem is typically not one of failing to find information on the subject you are interested in but trying to determine the reliability and validity of what you find Microsoft Word 87kb.. We have compiled a list of websites that we use frequently. If you have found any other sites particularly useful please let us know (see bottom of page) and we will consider adding them to this list.

3 Hampshire Social Care Information and Library

Children’s Services subscribe to the Social Care Library which is based at Trafalgar House in Winchester. The library provides a range of services. They host a collection of books and journals primarily of relevance to social care (including topics such as attachment, fostering, CBT). Many may also be relevant to a wider audience. It is possible to access the contents of the library electronically and request items online. They are then delivered via the courier service. The Library also monitors the guidance, reports, statistics and research produced by government offices. This information is catalogued and made available within the county. Lastly, they will undertake some searches for information on request. These can be submitted electronically. Consequently the Library may be able to provide you with access to the information you require.

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