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Children's Services policies and procedures

Children's Services departmental procedures

A procedure defines the agreed action that must be taken in carrying out departmental activities and responsibilities. These activities will relate to departmental policy, statute, or financial regulations.

All managers in the Children's Services Department receive electronic links to new procedures via email. It is the responsibility of managers to make sure that all staff are able to access procedures (via online access or by printing off paper copies for them). Managers of units should ensure they print out and retain all relevant procedures to meet registration and inspection requirements. New procedures are publicised to staff on the Council's Intranet and in staff Team Briefings.

The procedures are split by Children's Services - General and Children and Families.

Children's Services - General

Children and Families

These procedures are for staff use but if you need a copy of a particular document, please send an email to Children and Families Communications -

  • 07/17 Family and Friends Care Policy Microsoft Word 188kB
  • 22/14 Parental contributions for children looked after by Hampshire County Council
  • 03/15 Direct Payments Procedure (Children’s Services)
  • 16/13 Informal contact with previous Hampshire Foster Carers
  • 15/13 Planning, monitoring and reviewing for looked after children
  • 14/13 Recharging for family placement services to other local authorities
  • 13/13 Permanency Planning Policy
  • 12/13 Placement Stability Policy
  • 10/13 Residence Orders and Residence Order Allowances
  • 08/13 Private Fostering
  • 07/13 Informal Family Care
  • 06/13 The provision of aids and adaptations for children in care
  • 05/13 Social Care Transport
  • 04/13 Children and Young People Missing From Home
  • 03/13 Financial Support and Contributions for Care Leavers Aged 16-25 Years Old
  • 02/13 Supporting unaccompanied asylum seeking children
  • 01/13 Children and Young People Missing from Care
  • 05/12 Social Worker Registration Microsoft Word 124kB
  • 03/12 Allowances, Skills Fees and Associated Expenses for Children in Foster Care
  • 02/12 Placement of a Child/Young Person who is Subject to a Care Order/Interim Care Order With a Parent(s)
  • 01/12 Dispensing, administrating, storing and recording of medicines
  • 12/11 Safeguarding Children policy Microsoft Word 584kb
  • 11/11 Adults Services: transition of young disabled people
  • 06/11 Special Guardianship Orders Procedure
  • 04/11 Placing a child with a family and friends foster carers following temporary approval of a connected person under regulation 24
  • 31/10 Care Leavers Practice Manual
  • 26/10 Access to specialist services for disabled children
  • 18/10 Investigating concerns, complaints and allegations against Foster Carers, including historical issues
  • 12/10 Team Briefing
  • 10/10 Investigating concerns, complaints & allegations against prospective and approved adopters
  • 45/09 Smoking policy and procedure: fostering services
  • 29/09 Looked after children - babysitting
  • 28/09 Looked after children - overnight stays
  • 23/09 Family placement staff manual
  • 13/09 Procedures For the Authorisation and Placement of Young People in Non-County Children’s Home
  • 32/08 Prosecution of young people in the care of the Local Authority
  • 24/07 Language and communication standards for work with D/deaf and Deafblind people Microsoft Word 166kb
  • 12/07 Managers' Internet and IT equipment use policy for service users
  • 27/06 Section 117 policy, Mental Health Act 1983
  • 30/05 Health care of children looked after
  • 22/05 Quality practice case file auditing policy and procedure (children)
  • 20/05 Disability registration procedure
  • 19/05 Sexual health and education of service users
  • 14/05 Foster carers adopting children in their care
  • 37/03 Placement of children who abuse
  • 07/03 Children's residential services - positive management of behaviour
  • 02/02 Adoption/permanence manual- 2002-2005
  • 35/00 Deafblind people - services
  • 30/98 Criminal injuries - compensation
  • 06/97 Secure accommodation - referral - authorisation - application


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