Services for Young Children

Jobs in childcare, early education or playwork

For a fun, challenging, rewarding, flexible and progressive career... choose childcare


A job working with children, whether in a nursery, pre-school, out of school club or as a childminder, is primarily a fun one. You will be helping children learn through play and you could be organising group activities or working with a child on a one-to-one basis.


Working with children also provides constant challenges, personally and professionally. You could be planning a curriculum, a day trip or working with parents – the job will vary from day to day.


A job that involves working with children has many rewards. You will have the enjoyment of working with children and the satisfaction of being involved in a child's intellectual, social and emotional development.


A job in childcare or early education can also offer flexibility of hours, which would allow you to work around family or study commitments. You could work part-time or full-time all year round, just during the holidays or during term time only, allowing you to have school holidays free.


There is also plenty of career progression offered in a job in childcare or early education. You can start your career with very little experience and study for full and relevant Level 2/ Level 3 qualifications while you are working. It is also recommended that you hold GCSE C or above passes in English and Maths before embarking on Level 2/ Level 3 qualifications. You could also climb the career ladder by gaining higher qualifications and becoming a supervisor or deputy leader. Once you have gained the qualifications and experience, you may even wish to set up your own nursery or out of school club.

You can also find some additional information on the national careers website.