Services for Young Children

Out of school club

Child age range

  • 4 years – 14 years generally, though clubs vary


  • Many schools and organisations offer a variety of formal childcare and other activities outside usual school hours.

  • These services are based on school sites, but may also be in youth clubs, community centres or nurseries.

  • Some schools organise the childcare themselves, but others work with local voluntary groups, private providers and childminders, who will provide staff and facilities.

  • Some clubs may offer a collection service from local schools.

Quality assurance

  • Schemes who care for children under 8 and are open for more than 2 hours a day for 6 or more days in a year, must be registered and inspected by the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills (Ofsted).

  • Some Out of School schemes can be registered through the voluntary part of the Ofsted Childcare Register if they meet requirements.

  • Schemes not registered may be ‘quality assured’ by a scheme recognised by the Government.

  • If registered parents can ask an out of school scheme for a copy of their Ofsted inspection report or go online

  • If Ofsted registered, playworkers and at least half of the staff will be trained/ qualified.


  • Prices vary depending on whether the child attends a breakfast club and an after school club.

  • Breakfast clubs charge about £4 per hour.

  • After School clubs charge about £6 per hour.

  • If an out of school scheme is registered through the voluntary part of the Ofsted Childcare Register, parents may be able to access financial support to help pay for childcare or activities via Tax Credits/ Universal Credit or employer supported Childcare Vouchers depending on the family's income.

Times available

  • Breakfast clubs normally open from 8am to when school starts, term time only.

  • After school clubs normally open from 3:30pm up to 6pm, term time only.