Services for Young Children

Child health/weight matters

I am worried that my child is overweight, and/or worried about what they are eating.

If your child is in Reception class at school or in Year 6 at primary or junior school then there is a national initiative taking place for those children who are now being weighed and measured at school, in order to improve their health and well being.

There are further details from the 2007 publication, ‘Why Your Child’s Weight Matters’, published by the NHS.

What if my child is not in Reception Class or Year 6?

You should talk to your doctor/GP, health visitor or school nurse; or contact NHS 111 Service.

There is information on the Parents section of the Government website: as well as the NHS website Birth to five.

It is recommended that children combine healthy eating with regular exercise. There are plenty of activities that children can take part in across the county. See the Leisure Activities page.