Services for Young Children

More support for children with special educational needs

For children with additional needs in early education and childcare settings, the following support is available:

SEN funding

For children with additional needs attending early years and childcare settings, there may be additional funding available. This funding is not intended to pay for the child’s placement but can be used as a contribution to support the setting with their inclusive practice or additional costs, such as:

  • increased staffing
  • access to specialist training
  • specialist resources.

Further information is available from the setting your child attends or you can contact the Area Inclusion Co-ordinator working with the setting.


Short Breaks For Disabled Children


Early Support Programme (0-5 years)

This programme targets all young disabled children or children with an emerging special educational need, whether or not they are using services provided by a children’s centre.

The Early Support information for parents booklets describe a range of conditions, disabilities or situations and their typical impact on young children's development.


Specialist equipment

Some disabled children require specialist equipment such as seating or standing frames to enable them to access activities available within their setting.

In these circumstances the child’s needs are assessed by his/her physiotherapist or occupational therapist. The therapist also provides training to the setting on the use of the equipment.

For further information, please contact either your child’s therapist or discuss with the setting SENCo or supervisor.


Common Assessment Framework (CAF)

CAF is an assessment of a child’s or young person’s needs, taking into account the individual, family and community.

It is a process for undertaking a shared assessment to help practitioners gather information about the child’s or young person's needs and strengths.

A standard form helps practitioners record their findings from the assessment.

The CAF does not replace specialist assessments, but by identifying needs and possible resources through the CAF, a specialist assessment may not be necessary.

  • Find out more about CAFs

Ethnic Minority Traveller Achievement Service (EMTAS)

Pre-schools in Hampshire can refer newly-arrived bilingual or Traveller children to Hampshire's EMTAS service.

Please phone our New Arrivals Manager on 01256 330195 and you will be sent a self-referral form which should be completed and returned.

This will be used to assess whether the child needs support at this stage or if support can be provided later when the child begins school.

You can also download the self-referral form Microsoft Word 75kb, complete it and return to the Basingstoke EMTAS office at:

  • Hampshire EMTAS
    c/o Aldworth Science College
    Western Way, Basingstoke
    RG22 6HA

  • Telephone: 01256 330195

  • Fax: 01256 353459

  • Email: