Services for Young Children

The role of the Portage Home Visitor

Portage Home Visitors:

  • Use professional skills, knowledge and experience of child development to assess, set targets and promote the development of pre-school children with special educational needs, through partnership with parents/carers and early years practitioners.
  • Use knowledge of behaviour management strategies to promote skills to parents and a range of early years settings to prevent exclusion or pre-school children who have been identified as requiring Portage Plus.
  • Provide an outreach service to early years settings to support children identified as requiring a graduated response to identifying and meeting their special educational needs.
  • Initiate and/or contribute to transitional planning meetings, to ensure a smooth transition of children into school - including responsibility for initiating the Inclusion Partnership Agreement (IPA).
  • Problem solve with parents/carers to develop and undertake activities matched to the special educational needs of the child.
  • Empower and facilitate learning to enable parents/carers to promote their child’s development.
  • Refer to other services as appropriate, including to help prevent the risk of family breakdown.
  • Produce informative, detailed and accurate reports, at least six monthly long term goals to be shared with a wide range of professionals working with the Portage child, including early years settings.
  • Act as Lead Professional / Key Worker as required.
  • Provide support groups as identified by local needs.
  • Use knowledge and experience of child protection and implement appropriate procedures as required. Attend Child Protection Reviews / Case Conferences and/or produce supporting reports.