Services for Young Children

Portage Plus

Portage Plus is for families of pre-school children with significant behaviour difficulties. This support extends to the early years setting that the child attends.

We visit the child through a combination of visits to the home and early years setting in order to identify specific areas of concern and develop an understanding of why challenging behaviour occurs.

We aim to empower parents/carers by suggesting strategies to support their child and help develop their social and emotional needs. If appropriate, prior to school entry, the Portage practitioner will link with the child’s primary school and other agencies to ensure a successful transition.

Portage plus support

The following criteria should be met:

  • The child has challenging behaviour, over and above that expected for a child of his/her developmental age.
  • The child is at risk to themselves or others at home or in their early years setting.
  • The parent is reluctant to send a child to an early years setting because of concerns about behaviour.
  • A setting is reluctant to accept a child because of concerns about behaviour.
  • The parent/carer and early years setting are committed to support the intervention
  • A parental signature has been obtained, giving consent to the referral
  • Following an initial visit, the Inclusion Team Leader will identify if the child/family will benefit from Portage Plus.