Services for Young Children

Cash flow forecasts

The idea of maintaining financial records and managing budgets may seem daunting but they are a really important part of running a successful childcare business so it is well worth getting to grips with them as soon as possible.

Our Guide to completing the cash flow forecast budget for your setting  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 1MB will take you step by step through the process of constructing and maintaining an acccurate cash flow forecast. Click on the link and save it to your computer for continued reference.

You can also download a blank budget spreadsheet to edit for your setting. Simply download and save the spreadsheet to your computer and then start filling it in:

If on completing the forecast you encounter a series of 'hashes' in any cell, this is because the column is not wide enough to accommodate the numbers within the cell. To see the cell as it should be, simply double click on the column border at the top of the relevant column and it will automatically adjust to the correct width.

If you cannot do this, you may need to 'unprotect' the worksheet first. Click on 'Tools', then 'Protection', then 'Unprotect Sheet'. The worksheets are not password protected.