Services for Young Children

Pay Rates Survey January 2012

Thank you to all settings who kindly responded to the Pay Rates Survey SfYC posted on Survey Monkey In January 2012.

We have now collated the results and are able to publish them for your information. Where it appears that responses provide information for annualised salaries or are seemingly related to fee charges rather than pay rates the responses were not included in the final collation, (albeit for some childminders these figures are the same).

There are a series of graphs and tables which show the differing pay rates in each local district area both on a combined basis and split between the charitable/voluntary and private sector.

In some areas the number of responses have been low so you will need to bear this in mind when using the data for comparison with your own setting.

We have also added some graphs showing the number of responses by district and provider type, and the number of staff positions represented in each district.

The higher the number of responses per position and district, the more reliable the data will be.

Please note the information is provided as a guide to you in terms of what is happening in your district, it is not intended to be an arbiter of pay rates; there may be particular factors affecting your setting or locality which do not affect others.

Your feedback on how useful this information is to you or how it can be improved in the future is welcome. We have already noted that separate information for childminders would be helpful and we will try to incorporate this next time we conduct the survey. Comments may be emailed to

Pay Rates - January 2012 Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 102kb