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Access childcare training with Services for Young Children

The training courses we offer are available to childminders, early years and playwork practitioners working in or linked to childcare settings in Hampshire and registered with Ofsted.

Courses can be accessed through our training subscription scheme or by purchasing places at a cost of £100 per person at the time of booking. Copies of all documentation sent to providers about the training subscription scheme can be found by selecting the links below.

2015/2016 Training Subscription scheme information

The 2015/16 training subscription courses are now available to book through the Learning Zone.

You will only be able to book courses once you have received your new 2015/16 training subscription number. Your application will be  processed within a 10 day period upon our receipt of your form.

If you are not purchasing any places for the 2015/16 training subscription scheme and have unused places to be carried forward, we will issue a new subscription number after 5 April once the purchase window has closed. Course bookings cannot be made until you receive your new subscription number.

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College courses from Level

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