Services for Young Children

Plan your childcare training

Consider the following points when identifying your qualification/training needs

  • What qualification/ training do you need to be able to do your job effectively?

  • What is your preferred way/ time of learning? Can you attend a course on a Saturday or in the evening?

How to apply for a qualification course

  • Contact the training provider of your choice for further information and advice and check that the course times and details are suitable for you.

    • Use our College Courses guide to find college contact details - click on the college name and you will be taken to their website.

  • Discuss and approve your request with your setting manager/supervisor.

  • Apply to the training provider for a place on the course.

How to apply for a SfYC Quality Improvement Training course

  • Download the Quality Improvement Training programme grid and flyer document

  • Discuss your training needs with your owner/ manager/ committee member if necessary and get their approval for the courses you wish to attend. Check whether your setting is a member of the current SfYC training subscription scheme.

  • Book course(s) through the Learning Zone. If your setting does not have a training subscription, a fee of £110 per person per required training credit is applicable at the time of booking.

Details of how to book.

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