Services for Young Children

Early Years Education Funding

The Summer headcount day is Thursday 16 April 2015

If your setting is closed during the Easter School Holidays you may submit your headcount on Thursday 23 April.

For this Summer funding period the usual Headcount day falls within the Hampshire academic Easter Holidays. Settings open over the school Easter Holiday period, the Headcount day of Thursday 16 April can be used. For settings which are closed during the school Easter Holiday, the Headcount day of Thursday 23 April can be used.

Early Years Pupil Premium: From April 2015 three and four year old children attending an early years education setting may be eligible to receive Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP). Providers could claim an additional £302 per year for each child to spend on supporting their development, learning and care.

You can use this template letter Microsoft Word 47kB to help explain to parents/ guardians what the EYPP is, and for them to consider if they may qualify for this additional funding to support their child and the setting. To claim for the funding the parent/ guardian will need to complete this template form Microsoft Word 81kB. (Both documents are available on the right hand column, under the sub heading 'EYE and EYPP Forms and Guidance'. This will help you to identify which of the children in your care are eligble for the EYPP.

We recommend that you provide the letter to all parent/ carers and guardians, irrespective of family income or circumstances. You can request that they complete the form, if they think they are eligible and wish to support their child and the setting with the additional funding, when they enrol their child for their 3 or 4 year old early years funding.

For this Summer funding period you should send all completed forms at the same time you submit your headcount to:

Services for Young Children, Children's Services Department, Hampshire County Council, EII Court North, 4th Floor, The Castle, Winchester SO23 8UG

We will be able to run the necessary checks and make sure you receive the EYPP funding that you are entitled to for these children.

You can find further information about the Early Years Pupil Premium through the following link.

2 year old claims for out of county children: All 2 year old children eligible for free Early Years Education funding attending Hampshire settings should now be claimed using the Hampshire headcount process even if their home address is in another local authority area. You are still responsible for ensuring that 2 year old claims are only made by eligible children and that the parents can provide you with evidence of this. Details on how you secure information on the eligibility of children from another local authority area can be found in the following document: Cross Border Information

Please refer to the document on the right of this page "EYE important dates and deadlines" for key dates and deadlines, eligible birthday ranges, maximum claim hours for each funding period.

All claims should be supported by a parent declaration form which are available in the useful downloads section on the right of this page.

Claims are made by each setting using the online claim process through the provider portal or a paper headcount and claim form which is sent out at the beginning of the headcount week.

In Period Claims

The In Period claim form and guidance for completion are available in the useful downloads section on this page.
Please complete this with the parent wishing to claim EYE hours for children starting after headcount or able to increase their hours within the terms of the early years education scheme.

Further information on terms of the early years education scheme and In Period claims can be found in the Early Years Education Payment Funding Terms and Conditions and in particular in Schedule 1 and 2 of these terms and conditions.

The In Period claim forms cannot be processed until after the headcount process has been completed. The earliest dates claims will be processed for each funding period are:
Spring - Monday of the last week of February
Summer - Monday of the last week of May
Autumn - Monday of the last week of October

The deadlines for submitting In Period claims for each funding period are:
Spring - second Friday of April
Summer - second Friday of September
Autumn - second Friday of January

Please note any forms that are incomplete will not be processed, and will be returned for full completion. You will need to ensure it is signed by the person who usually takes responsibility for the claiming of early years education funding and the parent/carer. A copy of the completed form should be retained and the original sent to the address below.

In Period Claims
Services for Young Children
Children's Services Department
Hampshire County Council
EII Court North, 4th Floor
The Castle, Winchester
SO23 8UG

If the claim is approved, the funding will reach the setting's bank account direct and the remittance advice will be sent in the usual way.

Ten Day Payment Target

We aim to pay all headcount claims within ten working days of receiving a complete and correct claim form from our setting.

If for any reason your form is delayed due to a query or missing information, we will inform you in the first instance of this problem and notify you if your ten day start date has been reset.
Your form will then be paid within ten working days of this reset start date.

Any queries will delay your payments so getting the form right first time will ensure your payment is released promptly.

If you have any queries about your setting's EYE funding claim please contact the Information Support Team at or 01962 847070.

Or contact your local office.