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30 Hours Childcare

Childcare Act 2016

The Childcare Bill received Royal Assent in March 2016. The DfE published a revised policy statement which provides details for the implementation of the Childcare Bill and specifically the extension of the free early years education entitlement from 15 hours to 30 hours for eligible families. Consequently the Childcare Act 2016 is now in force: UK Parliament.

As a result new guidance and further consultations will take place in order to inform delivery, including 30 hours childcare. (See Early Years and Childcare Consultations).

30 hours childcare early implementer innovator

Hampshire is one of the 25 areas that has been successful in becoming a 30 hours childcare Early Implementer Innovator for the Department for Education. The role of an Early Implementer Innovator will look specifically at innovative ways of making sure childcare is accessible to as many parents as possible.

Our focus as an Early Implementer Innovator is to review how we currently engage with families and in particular how parents of children with additional needs access services.

Portsmouth is an Early Implementer of the 30 hours childcare; however in Hampshire parents will not be able to access these additional hours until September 2017.

30 hours childcare implementation

Providers of early years education now need to consider how they will implement 30 hours childcare in tandem with tax-free childcare. We are keeping providers informed of developments via the Services for Young Children provider blog bulletin, provider briefings and specific 30 hours childcare workshops throughout the year.

For information relating to eligibility and applying for 30 Hours Childcare see the parent’s section. The Government has a new website ‘Childcare Choices’ for parents to find out more about the help they can have with childcare costs. There is also information for childcare providers about the schemes and signing up for delivery.

We offer a range of tools to support planning and delivery of 30 hours childcare:

30 hours childcare forecaster

30 hours provider modelling tool – hourly rate Microsoft Excel 69kB

30 hours provider modelling tool – sessional rate Microsoft Excel 71kB

30 hours eligibility checking

Video: how to run 30 hour eligibility checks

Information about tax-free childcare is also available on the Business Support page.

30 hours Inclusion

In November 2017 a conference took place with Hampshire childcare providers and partners to explore how children with additional needs could take up their early years education offer including the extended entitlement.

Details of the main presentation, workshops and evaluation of the day Microsoft Word 22kB.

30 hours EYE funding updates

For the latest updates regarding the funding process for 30 Hours.