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Inclusion proformas


Following a change in government guidance and a Hampshire wide consultation the SEN Inclusion Fund will replace the SEN Fund from the beginning of the summer term 2018. The ‘Additional Funding’ tab contains information with regards to claiming SEN Funding up until March 2018, when the fund process will change. Further information will be shared via Provider Briefings, SENCo Support Groups and the SfYC Blog during the spring term and the ‘Additional Funding’ section will be updated in due course.


The Inclusion Partnership Agreement (IPA) was developed over 10 years ago and it has now been reviewed and replaced by a significantly revised version which is now called the Transition Partnership Agreement (TPA). The intention behind the agreement has not changed. It was designed as a process for joint action planning with parents/carers and children and young people as appropriate, to support the transition process. This is usually transition to school, but may sometimes be transition to another setting. This remains the purpose of completing a TPA.

If you require further information or support with regards to transitions or using the TPA please contact your Area Inclusion Coordinator.

This transition document should be used for transition meetings where the child has lower level needs that the school needs to prepare for and is unlikely to require additional funding going into school.

Record of transition meeting pro-forma


Solent NHS Trust

Solent NHS have moved and all referrals should be sent to: Children's Therapy Service, Solent NHS Trust, Better Care Centre (The Orchard Centre), William Macleod Way, Southampton SO16 4XE


Short breaks

  • Hampshire's short breaks programme will enable children and young people with disabilities and/or additional needs to join in with safe, fun and interesting activities and will give parents or carers an opportunity to have a short break from caring.

Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service (EMTAS)