Services for Young Children

The Hampshire Childcare and Family Information Team

The Hampshire Childcare and Family Information Team (Cfit) acts as a direct link to parents and carers needing early education and childcare services.

Cfit is only as good as the information it has and provides to parents, carers and agencies working with families. Cfit values the relationship it has with childcare providers and is keen to develop partnership working in order to support the sustainability of local services whilst helping Hampshire families.

  • Advertise your services, free of charge via:

    • On-line Hampshire Family Information Directory:

    • Countywide Hampshire County Council's Contact Centre

  • Provide family orientated information resources, free of charge to parents and to childcare providers (to distribute to families), on topics such as Tax Credits, Childcare Vouchers, Early Years Education.

  • Attend information events/ open days for parents, to support the launch of new services, transitions or provide general information for families.

  • For families who you are engaged with we can provide information and guidance relating to childcare, early years education, funding, and signposting to wider 'family support' (see also 'Brokerage Service').

  • To request free information resources or attendance at an event/ open day for parents please contact SfYC County Office.

  • Regularly update your service details in order to help parents and carers find the early education and childcare services they need by providing information on:

    • vacancies, opening times and costs

    • contact details - telephone numbers and website addresses

    • services provided - including how you cater for children with additional or cultural needs

    • pick-ups/collections from schools and pre-schools/nurseries.

  • In order to advertise free of charge to parents via:

    • the Hampshire Family Information Directory

    • the Hampshire County Council Customer Contact Centre

contact your area Senior Administrative Officer, quoting your service Ofsted unique reference number (URN). Details of who to contact are available from this page SfYC Local Offices.  Alternatively download the Provider Vacancy Update Card, complete and email this to your area contact.

  • Let us know when circumstances are likely to change that will affect Ofsted registration*:

    • change of owner/ committee

    • potential closure

    • potential expansion.

*With early notification, Services for Young Children will provide a support package in partnership with our grant funded services in order to help transitions.

  • For changes that may affect your Ofsted registration please contact the Childcare Development Co-ordinator in your area SfYC Local Offices or Ofsted 0845 404040.


Sometimes families just need a little extra help

The Hampshire Childcare and Family Information Team (Cfit) provides free, impartial information and guidance to parents or prosepctive parents whose families may benefit from using childcare or early years education services.

Some parents or carers are not always able to find (or perhaps feel they can not afford) the services they need. Cfit's outreach workers are here to help parents navigate through the options available and liaise directly with service providers to 'broker' a solution.

Parents/ carers can self refer by contacting the Cfit helpline 0845 603 5620. Alternatively childcare providers can refer families by contacting their area Cfit Outreach Worker SfYC Local Offices.