Services for Young Children

Provider Portal for early years and childcare providers

What is the Provider Portal ?

The Provider Portal is a new facility for early years and childcare settings operated by Services for Young children Hampshire County Council.

The Provider Portal allows secure password protected access to the Early Years database (FIS) so that settings can submit various data online quickly and efficiently.

Who can access the Provider Portal ?

The Provider Portal is currently being rolled out in phases to allow testing and gauge user experience. This rollout is following successful testing results with a small number of Providers. The current phase is called Phase 3 and once the current Headcount has been completed the use of the Provider Portal will be re-evaluated following feedback from Providers.

What functions are available via the Provider Portal ?

Early Years and childcare settings that provide Free Entitlement places can submit their headcount data via the provider portal providing that they are in the current Pilot group.

Provider Portal Status :

The Provider portal is available for input for Spring Headcount 2013/2014 from :

08/01/2014 - 24/01/2014

Please Note Final Submissions Should Not Be Made Before 16/01/2014

User Guidance for the Provider Portal

Access the Provider Portal