Services for Young Children

Provider Portal for early years and childcare providers

What is the Provider Portal?

The Provider Portal is a facility for early years and childcare settings which is operated by Services for Young Children, Hampshire County Council.

The Provider Portal allows secure password protected access to the Early Years database (FIS) so that settings can submit headcount data online quickly and efficiently.

Who can access the Provider Portal?

The Provider Portal has been rolled out across the County and is available to all our early years providers.

What functions are available via the Provider Portal?

Early Years and childcare settings that provide free entitlement places can submit their headcount data via the provider portal providing.

Provider Portal Status:

The Provider Portal for autumn Headcount 2015/2016 is now closed.

Providers who have not submitted their online claim must contact Services for Young Children Head Quarters.

Tel: 01962 847070 or Email:

Provider Portal and User Guidance