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2012 Competitions - Winners of Make it Count Award (Archive)

bay house buddies

The Bay House Buddies were the proud winners of the Hampshire ‘Make it Count’ Award 2012, and we would like to share our story with you.

How did it all start?

We formed our group in July 2011 and started off with a training session with ‘ Relate’. We learned about listening skills and peer mentoring, through discussion and practical pair and group activities. We were all volunteers who wanted to help the new year 7 pupils settle into our school and support them as they went through their first year at secondary school. We also knew that our work could make a huge impact on the whole school community.

Continuing our work

Once we had been awarded our badges we started feeling like an important part of the transition process. On the first day we helped the younger pupils settle in, and we quickly realised that they turned to us for advice and support if they were unsure or worried about anything. As time went on we visited them regularly in their tutor rooms and so whenever they needed help, we were there. Lots of the children were concerned about bullying, but we found that we could really help them by talking about our school’s strong antibullying policies and telling them about or logo’ See it? Report it.  Stop it ‘. They knew they could trust us, and we were there to help.

Making it Count

We put posters up in all the tutor rooms, and organised the whole school to sign a pledge against bullying , which was then displayed and a permanent reminder of what we all promised to do. During Anti Bullying week we sold wrist bands and put up lots of displays on our school plasma screens, publicising the Cybermentors and Beat Bullying websites. We presented an assembly, and also used the school website and newsletter to reach out to parents. We helped to redesign the Anti Bullying pages in the school planners and we went to the governors with our ideas about updating the school Anti- Bullying policy. Our teachers were so impressed with everything we had achieved, they nominated us for the Hampshire Award (and they didn’t even tell us!)


When we won the award we were extremely proud of what we had achieved. One of the Bay House Buddies attended the Anti Bullying Conference to collect the award. We had a celebration in school where our parents and friends were invited to a special buffet and speeches in school LRC.  We won £100 for Bay House School which we spent on novels and non fiction books related to Anti Bullying. These have been really popular. Our official time as Bay House Buddies was coming to an end as we were all moving on to year 11.  We met with a group of new buddies during their training day, and we were able to pass on ideas, experience and support.

Can you ‘Make it count?’

If you are thinking of ‘Making it count ’we would say you should go for it. You can achieve a lot, and you will feel pleased and proud of yourself when you take positive action against bullying. The Hampshire Award has made a difference to us and it is there for you too. Good luck!

Thank you to Bay House School and Hampshire Educational Psychology.