Children's Services

Alcohol and drugs

Alcohol and drug misuse in the home can constitute a serious risk to children.  For example:

  • it may expose them to domestic violence, inappropriate behaviour or unsuitable visitors to the home
  • it may mean that the family's resources are being drained and there is inadequate food, heat or clothing for the children
  • children may be put at risk as passengers in a car driven by a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • it may mean that children have direct access to harmful substances.

Catch 22 provides specialist advice and consultation to school staff on substance misuse management issues. Catch 22 also works with individual pupils, usually between the ages of 10 and 16, who may be engaged in substance misuse.

The Drug and Alcohol Action Team work in partnership with all those concerned in reducing the harm caused by substance misuse to individuals, their families and communities.

Most services are provided in the community, although some specialist services such as detoxification and intensive rehabilitation programmes are usually provided in an in-patient or residential setting. You can contact many organisations without being referred by your doctor.

Free Resources

There are a range of national 'Talk to Frank' drugs campaign materials that you can access free. To order these resources and see what is available, register with Home Office 'Tackling Drugs' Website via the following weblink: and access the resources via

The following national 'Know Your Limit's' alcohol leaflet can also be ordered free by emailing

  • Leaflet: 'How much is too much – under 25s' (Reference 277505)

Free Training

To access free training on working with young people using substances contact Hampshire DAAT on 01962 826025.

Hampshire LSCB also offer training on safeguarding children whose parents are using alcohol/drugs or have mental health problems. Check out The Learning Zone for further information.