Children's Services

Hampshire's Children and Young People's Plan

Children in Care Pledge 2012-15

The Pledge outlines the areas that children and young people in care want to see improved. Development of the Pledge has been led by the Care Ambassadors.

Your Health, we will:

  • help you to access health services, e.g. doctors, dentists, counselling, etc
  • support you in being healthy, both physically and mentally
  • support you in identifying and taking part in positive activities, interests and hobbies.

Your Voice, we will:

  • be contactable through a variety of ways and get back to you within 24 hours
  • make time for you to talk one-to-one with us on your own
  • be open and honest about your care and support you when changes are made
  • encourage your participation in your Care Plan and other plans related to your care
  • listen to your complaints and act on them as soon as possible
  • make information available to you, so you know your entitlements and rights.

Your Education, we will:

  • not make you feel ‘different’ at school, eg: not take you out of a class for a meeting and pay for you to go on trips, etc
  • support you in accessing academic and non-academic opportunities, not just school or college (eg: apprenticeships, NVQs, other qualifications and job opportunities)
  • involve you in decisions made about your education and, when additional help is needed, why this is necessary
  • involve you in decisions around your individual budget
  • support you to access the college/university of your choice, should this be something you wish to do.

Your Placement, we will:

  • where possible, try to find you a placement with your siblings
  • support you in transitions from placement to placement
  • make better long term plans for you, not just quick fixes
  • find you a foster carer who suits you and your needs
  • involve you in your placement planning
  • keep you informed, where appropriate, about contact arrangements and how and when this can happen.

Your Future, we will:

  • help you plan for your future, as a good parent should
  • support and help you build the life skills needed in becoming an adult
  • not judge you based on how you have acted in the past, but who you are now
  • encourage you to be the very best you can be
  • support and help you in achieving your goals
  • always be there to support you, even when you make mistakes.

Leaving Care, we will:

  • provide you with support, if you feel you need it
  • not 'kick you out' on your 18th birthday
  • provide and support you in building the skills to live on your own
  • help you find somewhere to live and make sure you have everything you need
  • give you information about your entitlements and support you in accessing them.