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Aims and Ethos of Swanwick Lodge

Swanwick Lodge aims to provide high quality services to children and young people in a secure setting and provide them with opportunities to develop healthy, safe and productive lives, which will enable them to benefit from making a positive contribution to their communities in the future.

The primary aim of Swanwick Lodge is to provide a secure facility that can provide a safe and child centred environment in which children can begin to address the issues that have led to their loss of liberty. We aim to consider all aspects of the child’s well-being including physical, mental, emotional, health and the lifestyle choices they make.

Early intervention, problem solving, social skills, group living and pro-social modelling form the daily ethos of Swanwick Lodge, which is based on respect, positive reinforcement and positive role modelling. Underpinning our philosophy is our belief that all children are capable of change, to engage and achieve, leading to them making more positive choices about their lives and their futures.

A development of this aim is to provide an holistic approach to children throughout their placement which addresses their individual needs and prepares them to return to living in the community. This approach encompasses all aspects of the child/ young person’s life, utilising care, education and therapeutic services and recognising that children live within a system of family and community we aim to work in a restorative way ensuring that everyone has a voice and, when possible, any solution reached is a negotiated one.

Our aims and ethos (stated below) are clearly displayed on the walls throughout the child/ young person’s living quarters and in the education department:-

  • We aim to consider all aspects of the young person’s well being, including physical, mental and emotional health and the choices they make.
  • We aim always to recognise and reward positive behaviour as such engendering a culture in which good behaviour and high behavioural expectations are the norm.
  • We aim to fulfil our duty to challenge oppression, bullying and discrimination.
  • We recognise that the young people live within a system of family, community and services and aim to work in an inclusive way.
  • We believe that all young people are capable of change to engage and achieve, leading to them making more positive choices in their lives.
  • We offer all our young people new opportunities in terms of formal education and use of leisure time, encouraging them to take responsibility for their actions.
  • We have a highly trained team of specialist workers capable of enabling young people to change their lives, to reflect through their thoughts, feelings and behaviours and develop new strategies to use on their return to the community.
  • We recognise that we are not a suitable placement for all young people, but think it is a strength that we can make assessments and recommendations for future placements in these cases.
  • In any dispute we aim to work in a restorative way, ensuring that everyone involved has a voice and any solution is a negotiated one.
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