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Statement of Purpose


The purpose of Swanwick Lodge is to provide a trusted, safe and secure child centred environment in which children can begin to address the issues that have led to their loss of liberty.

Licensed since July 1997, Swanwick Lodge is a Local Authority Secure Children’s Home where Every Child Matters.

Hampshire County Council believes that Secure Accommodation is a necessary and integral part of Children’s Services, providing an appropriate placement for a child identified as presenting a significant risk of harm to themselves or others. Swanwick Lodge offers the secure accommodation and support the children need to lead crime-free lives.

The accommodation comprises two eight bedded (with en-suite facilities) mixed gender units, a discrete administration and staff accommodation area, 2 dining rooms, 2 lounge areas, 4 ‘quiet’ areas, games room, 3 small kitchens, utility room, 2 bathrooms, 2 staff sleeping in rooms and an integral activity and learning centre. The activity and learning centre comprises of 3 general study classrooms, social skills room, gymnasium, fitness suite, art/craft rooms, vocational training workshop and a garden area, all of which are used by the children at scheduled times.

At Swanwick Lodge, we aim to provide an environment in which the children placed in our care will flourish – to then leave us as confident individuals who will go on to lead fulfilling lives and make a positive contribution to society as a whole. Each child is provided with two key workers, an educational tutor dedicated to them, access to other experienced psychiatric, psychological therapeutic, social care, educational and holistic professionals who put children at the heart of everything they do.

While relatively large for a children’s home, Swanwick Lodge is not large compared to other secure homes and the environment, services and procedures are all designed, where possible to militate against the threat of institutionalisation. Most importantly we ensure that children are cared for as individuals.

Every Child Matters  

The work at Swanwick is underpinned by the shared belief that all children are capable of change, to engage and achieve, leading them to make more positive choices about their lives in the future. We recognise that all children have individual needs, regardless of race, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, gender, age and religion and each child placed in our care has a bespoke Placement Plan, the reference point for all activity and intervention, based on the 5 tenets of Every Child Matters. The plan identifies and responds appropriately to the child’s requirements and how these will be met, by embracing the tenets, on a day to day basis.

Stay Safe The key aim is to ensure the safety and security of children at Swanwick Lodge by providing a purpose built safe and secure child centred environment within which children can begin to address the issues that have led to the loss of their liberty.

Be Healthy – At Swanwick Lodge we define health as physical, mental and emotional well-being. By observing the child holistically, we offer a range of assessments and interventions thus promoting a healthier lifestyle and positive lifestyle choices.

Enjoy and Achieve – We ensure that children receive a varied, stimulating and engaging learning experience within the national curriculum, the Youth Justice Board’s Learning Journey and through a wide variety of recreational activities and special events.

Make a positive contribution - A programme of structured activities is offered to each child to ensure that they gain in confidence and are empowered to make informed choices in their lives in the future, and can go on to lead a crime free life.

Achieve Economic Wellbeing - We show children how to respect themselves, others and their surroundings leading to a change in values to prepare them to live harmoniously in their communities.  

After Swanwick Lodge

Swanwick Lodge is fully committed to working with all partner agencies to develop creative and supportive programmes to enable children to progress to the community or onward placement in the secure estate with the most effective support available.

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1The age range for the children accommodated is 10 years to 17 years, including those with disabilities. One bedroom is wheelchair accessible.

2i) Children remanded to secure accommodation under the powers set down within the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.
ii) Children sentenced for criminal offences.  This includes children sentenced for up to 2 years under Detention and Training Orders.  Children sentenced under Section 91 and Section 92 of the Powers of Criminal Courts (Sentencing Act) 2000.
iii) Children placed in secure accommodation on welfare grounds,   under Section 25 Children Act 1989. These children are those who have a history of absconding and by doing so place him or her self at risk or are a risk to others, without being in secure accommodation. iv) Children subject to overnight transfer arrangements under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE).

3Stay Safe, Be Healthy, Enjoy and Achieve, Make a Positive Contribution, Achieve Economic Wellbeing

4Youth Justice Board, Wessex Youth Offending Team, Other Regional Youth Offending Teams, Prison Service, OFSTED, Children’s’ Services, Education Support Services, Hampshire Health Care Trust, Voice, PRISM & HCC Drugs and Alcohol Advisory Service, Hampshire School Psychology Service, Local Authority Children’s Services Departments, Local Medical Practice, Connexions, Education Welfare Departments, NCH Independent Visitors Project, NCH Mentoring Project, NCH Caring for Children Remand Fostering Project


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