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Your Health

When you are a looked after child or young person, we need to make sure that you are well looked after and stay healthy. The best way to check that you are fit and healthy is to have a regular health assessment for a check-up. Sometimes it is called a ‘looked after medical’. When you first come into care you will be seen by a doctor, but after this you may have the check-ups with a nurse.

What will happen at my health assessment?

You can ask the doctor or nurse anything. Whether it’s to do with what’s happening with your body or about your feelings. You can have your height and weight checked if you want to. The doctor or nurse will also check to make sure you have had all your immunisations (jabs) and dental checks.

Is it confidential? Who will know about my assessment?

Anything you say to the doctor or nurse should be confidential. Sometimes we will need to tell other people to make sure you are safe. e.g., if someone is hurting you or if you are hurting someone else.

If something about your health needs to be discussed at your review, you should be asked first. The doctor or nurse will chat with you about what needs to be done to keep you healthy such as going to the dentist regularly. A copy of this plan will be sent to your GP and social worker. You will be sent a copy too, along with your carer and birth parents if you agree. We should always talk to you about anything that needs to be discussed with others first, so that you know.

What if I don’t want the health assessment?

When you first come into care, it is really important that you are seen by a doctor in case there are problems with your health that have been ignored. After that a nurse can see you.

If you have any worries about seeing the nurse you can contact us to chat first. Tell us your concerns and see if we can work around them.

The nurse can arrange to meet you somewhere you feel more comfortable if you are worried about seeing us at school or at home. The nurse will not need to carry out a physical examination, and will be happy to chat with you about any issues worrying you. We will respect your views and will always be happy to see you another time if you change your mind.