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Your placement

It is a big part of our Pledge to involve you in your placement planning. Placements can vary depending on the type of your care. For example, respite care, short-term care, emergency care or long-term care.

Respite care

This is for individuals that need care, and their carers or the person that is cared for needs a break. It could also be for you to stay temporarily while your social worker or key worker is looking for a placement for you. It is usually a short-term stay

Short-term care

This placement can be for a number of reasons. It could be a temporary place to stay while waiting to see if the young person can return to their own family, or while waiting to be moved in to a long-term placement. It could also be whilst waiting for an adoptive family. This placement should be a few weeks or months long but could be longer.

Emergency care

This type of placement is for young adults that need a short safe place for a few days. This can happen very quickly.

Long-term care

This is when hard decisions are made to remove the child or young person from their birth family and place the young person with a permanent foster family. Children and young people in long-term foster care are still a legal part of their own family, but live with foster carers until they reach adulthood and are ready to live more independently