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Health and relationships

Find advice and information on:

NHS - how to find and register with NHS services

You can search for your nearest doctor, dentist, optician or hospital on the NHS Direct or call 0845 4647 (24 hours a day).

There are particular health websites aimed particularly at young people.  Teenage Health Freak is one of these and covers loads of health related questions and concerns in a fun and interactive way.

Getting active / healthy eating

Your lifestyle has a big affect on how you feel and what you get out of life, now and in the future. This area of the website will provide you with tips and information for living an overall healthy life.

With 2012 being such a sporting year with the Euros and of course the Olympics inspiring many young people to try out different sporting events have a look at the Sport Hampshire and Isle of Wight for local sporting clubs and contacts. E.volve is another great way or finding out local sporting clubs.

The Get Healthy Get Fit guide from the Dairy Council is a great booklet covering information on healthy eating to spots. Also the eat 2 b fit leaflet also has some useful tips on being healthy.

You Go For It is full of advice, sport stars, video competitions, blogs and podcasts. They give help, support and advice on looking after yourself, eating the right food and taking exercise and tell you why it is so important to your life right now.

Food and eating play a very important part in our lives. We all vary in the foods we like, how much we need to eat and when we like to eat. Food is essential for our health and development. It’s not unusual to experiment with different eating habits; you may have decided to become a vegetarian or tried changing your diet to improve your health. However, some eating patterns can be damaging. Problems with food can begin when it's used to cope with those times when you are bored, anxious, angry, lonely, ashamed or sad. (text taken from B-eat website). B eat has lots more information about unhealthy eating and eating disorders.

Young Minds have created a leaflet for young people worried about eating problems and disorders.

Sun safety

I know it seems that we don’t often get sunny weather, but when we do it is important that you protect yourselves in the sun.  For information and tips about sun safety visit the Sun Smart website or take a look at the 'how to be sun smart' leaflet.

Need someone to talk to

Most young people have problems or worries. If this happens to you then you need to talk to someone.  You will start to feel better once you have told somebody what’s going on and taken the first step to finding help.

If you feel you cannot talk to your parents, carers of friends support can be found by asking a teacher, doctor, youth worker or school counselor, have a look at the Childline website, where you can play games, find out information, or to contact an adviser to talk about what is on your mind or what you are worried about. The ‘worried need to talk’ booklet produced by the NSPCC also contains useful information if something is on your mind. For more information on this subject have a look at the mental health section.

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