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Bullying doesn’t just take place in schools and can happen to anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

If bullying of any kind happens to you or someone you know, you should be able to tell someone and know that it will be dealt with quickly and effectively, this could be your parents, a teacher, a youth worker, but the important thing is to tell someone.

Your school and any organisation or club you belong to should have a policy to deal with bullying and you have a right to ask a teacher, or another adult, for help if you are being bullied. If you are bullying someone else, talk to an adult about it and make sure you stop.

Even if you are being bullied yourself, it is important not to bully others. Bullying no longer happens only in the playground or when you are face-to-face with someone, bullying can happen over the Internet and through mobile phones. There are a lot of websites out there that have information on bullying, some which we have linked to, but two good sites are and  

Anti-bullying, information for children and young people If you are being bullied have a look at the Anti-bullying leaflet for children and young people Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 588kb for more information and advice about what you should do.

An Anti-Bullying Video was made with stars such as Rio Ferdinand, Vernon Kay and Sugar babes to encourage young people to "make a stand" against bullying.

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