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Drugs, alcohol and smoking


People drink alcohol for all sorts of reasons. Many people enjoy alcohol and most of the time it is not a problem, but drinking heavily can damage your health, especially if you’re a young person.

Besides damaging the liver, heart and brain, heavy drinking can lead to loss of appetite, vitamin deficiencies, stomach ailments, skin problems, sexual problems and memory loss. After drinking too much people are more likely to have an accident, become involved in a fight or have unsafe sex. These are all unnecessary risks.

The drinkaware website has a range of factsheets about drinking alcohol, and has a unit calculator to help you better understand how many alcohol units are in drinks.

The talk about alcohol website has a load of quizzes, challenges and facts about alcohol which is worth looking at

Are you concerned about alcohol? Do you think you are drinking too much or are you worried about a friend or relative?

Check the following websites out for advice.

How much is too much? Find out on the Drinkaware website

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Alcoholics Anonymous

Catch22 Hampshire 24/7



People take drugs for all sorts of reasons. Because they think drugs can make them forget their worries, because their friends do, or because they think it might be fun. The Talk to Frank website is a great website for young people who want to find out more about drugs and the side effects of taking drugs.

However, taking drugs can become a habit. Some people depend on them just to cope with normal life. Their drug use is likely to have a serious effect on their physical and mental health. This is a really good guide that explains all of the facts and dispels many of the myths about drugs - The truth about drugs: know the score.  

You might be offered drugs by your friends, or by people you know. Often friends know less than you do about drugs, but they may want to look as if they know everything. Don't rely on what your friends say. If you are feeling pressured into taking drugs by your friends, here's some advice about how to deal with it.

If you are worried about a friend or family member taking drugs, here's how you can help them..

Read, listen and watch interviews from young people about taking drugs on the Youth Health Talk website.

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Catch22 Hampshire 24/7


Talk to Frank

Radio One Surgery - drugs



It is estimated that each year in England and 340,000 young people under the age of 16 who have never smoked before try smoking cigarettes.  Every year around 200,000 children and young people start smoking regularly of these 67% start before the age of 18 and 84% by age 19 (source)

With all the talk about the dangers of illegal drugs, it’s easy to forget that you can buy one of the most widely used and highly addictive drugs at the corner shop.

Some people say smoking helps you cope with stress. Some say it’s a social thing, a way of relaxing with friends. Some people smoke because they are unhappy. Many say they wish they had never started.

Find out what is actually in a cigarette, or take the myth buster quiz to see how much you know.

To find out how much smoking costs, support if you are looking to stop smoking and for contacts for local stop smoking services visit the Smokefree website

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Catch22 Hampshire 24/7


Radio One Surgery - Cigarettes