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Staying safe

Whatever you do, whoever you are with, wherever you are it is important that you always stay safe.  The Suzy Lamplugh website has really good tips and suggestions for staying safe in arrange of situations, from travelling on public transport to going out for the evening.  Why don’t you also do one of the personal safety quizzes to see how much you already know about staying safe.

The young people’s guide to staying safe is a great booklet with loads of information

Worried about yourself or someone else?

It's hard to know what to do if you’ve got a problem or are worried about someone you know. How do you make things better?

Remember: You don’t have to manage on your own.

It's difficult to talk about your feelings and what’s happening in your life, but some problems won't just go away. Don't ignore them and don't feel that you have to sort them out by yourself.

Talking to someone can help. It can help to share a problem and get advice. With help you can find a solution.

You might not want to talk to anyone about your worries because you're embarrassed or think people won’t understand or take you seriously. You might worry that they'll tell someone else when you don’t want them to. Adults might have let you down, so you find it hard to trust them.

Try talking to your friends or an adult that you can trust like a parent or teacher. There are other people who can help you too.

In danger? Being abused? Don't suffer in silence - call for help!

  • Speak to somebody direct by calling 0845 603 5621 - Hampshire Children’s Services has a team that is there to help you.
  • In an emergency phone the police by dialling 999.
  • You can contact ChildLine about anything. No problem is too big or small. Contact ChildLine on:
  • Contact the NSPCC helpline
  • CyberMentors is all about young people helping and supporting each other online.
  • YouthTube has lots of advice and contact details for youth teams.
Contact Childline
Contact the NSPCC

Road Safety/Highway Code

Stay safe online

Top tips for mobile phone safety

  • Keep your mobile out of sight
  • try not to use it when you are out on the street
  • use a security code to lock the phone so if it is stolen, no one else will be able to run up huge bills on your account
  • if you are attacked for your mobile, give it up - it's not worth putting your life in any sort of danger for a phone
  • don't forget, the jury's still out on whether overuse of mobile phones can have a long-term effect on your health.